Me Singing The Moon Song by Karen O


Hi, it's me again! About the singing competition held by my company that I wrote in this post... I didn't win it. But I got the second place and got MAP vouchers worth IDR 500.000. Yay!

By the way, I made a new singing video. It's a song written by Karen O, but I listened to Scarlett Johansson's version a lot. I didn't know ScarJo could sing, and her raspy voice is so lovely!

Anyway, here's my video. Hope you'll like it. And don't forget to leave a comment to share your thought about my cover or about the song itself. ❤️

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Kemana aja kk baru nongol. Hee


Adaaaa. Sempat males posting sejak nilai crypto terjun bebas hahah. Dan emang lebih aktif di platform media sosial yang lain juga sih.


Kirain ga bakal nongol di steemit lagi. Cuma YouTube aja. Hii
Walaupun nilai crypto down, ttp di steemit makin asyik...

You have a really sweet voice. And congratz on the second place in your competition. :)


Thank you so much @silentscreamer xoxo