Thrive Main Theme ALL VERSIONS

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This is an all versions of open source game soundtrack named Thrive. This video is about Thrive Main Theme music from early time into recent version called Thrive Main Theme v9. Thrive soundtrack is a best quality, Thrive game have AAA quality open source game even it equal to another AAA game franchise like Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, etc. Listen it.


Video ini merupakan kumpulan semua versi dari lagu Thrive Main Theme. Thrive merupakan game open source yang memiliki lagu Thrive main theme dari awal hingga versi terakhir ini yang disebut Thrive Main Theme v9. Lagu Thrive Game merupakan lagu open source berkualitas tinggi. Bahkan kualitas soundtrack Thrive OST tidak kalah dengan game AAA lainnya seperti Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Monster Hunter, dan lain sebagainya. Silahkan dengarkan lagunya.

00:41 - Thrive Main Theme Somerandomduderulz Concept

01:13 - Thrive Main Theme v2/v3

03:52 - Thrive Main Theme pre-v6

07:00 - Thrive Main Theme v6

12:01 - Thrive Main Theme v7

20:34 - 'Vireo' - Thrive Main Theme v8

29:48 - Thrive Main Theme Solo Piano

30:57 - Thrive Main Theme v9

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Intro Song : Vega Strike - News 1

Outro Song : Thrive - 'Vireo' - Thrive Main Theme v8 (By Oliver Lugg a.k.a Oliveriver)

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Some footage or background of Thrive Main Theme videos are from Oliver Lugg videos.

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