A Lovely Saturday To Dance WIth Tantrum Desire DnB

4개월 전

Ram Records has been doing a house party for the past few weeks since clubs are closed around the world. Basically DJ's from all over the world perform in their studios/bedrooms on a livestream.

One of those DJ's last week was 1 of the duo Tantrum Desire. They are hands down one of the best Drum and Bass producers in the world. They came to the scene with a very well produced, hard/funky style in the vein of Drumsound and Bassline Smith.

Before we get to his set, here are 2 of my favorite tunes by him, one vocal/uplifitng smasher, one hard/funk one. Tunes from over 4 years ago but will still smash any dancefloor.

"Oblivioin" - Related to the Tom Cruise movie???


Now, onto his set last week chock full of their tunes. Come down to the club at 3, I wanna see you dance with me! Enjoy!

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