My Top 10 Rock Songs

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Hello everyone.
This is my personal top 10.
For me, these are the best rock songs of all time (you may have another point of view), this is just my humble opinion, I hope you like this post.
10. People Are Strange - The Doors
My oldest cousin used to listen to The Doors almost all the time, particularly, this song stayed in my mind, is so psychodelic and you feel “strange” when you hear it, but in a good way.

9. Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers
This song captivated me from the first time I heard it, I was like 12 years old, also this song made me buy the album Californication and start listening to the RHCP, the combination of the rhythms, the lyrics, to me, is the best song of them.

8. In The End – Linkin Park
I remember when this song came out I was a nine grader, my friends and I used to sing it at recesses, it were good times, the choir is incredible, is a legendary song, Linkin Park earned my respect after this.

7. Bohemian Rapsody – Queen
The seventh place of my list is for this masterpiece, the sounds of this song are exquisite, is pure art, when I listen to it all my senses are awaken.

6. Again – Lenny Kravitz
“All of my life, where have you been, I wonder if I'll ever see you again”, It's a song that says little and a lot at the same time, so deep and romantic, I identify with this song, since I have met girls that I liked and I have not been able to see them again.

5. November Rain – Guns N’ Roses
Nine minutes of magic, a song that gets better every second that passes, I dare to say it is the best guitar solo of Slash, deserved fifth place for this song as the best of all time.

4. Rosa Maria - Draco Rosa
Draco Rosa is to me one of the most underrated artists in the whole world, I think he is a true artist and a genius. He released an album called “Songbirds and Roosters”, which I think is a hidden gem, one of the songs of that album is “Rosa Maria”.

3. The Way - Fastball
The 3rd place is for Fastball, I think this was the only song that this band could hit in a massive way, I did not hear much more of them, I just know this song had an unmistakable rhythm, very melancholic, good from beginning to end, a song that must be heard.

2. Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin
The arrangement of this song is almost perfect, this track is more than amazing and it contains mystery and controversy (message heard afterwards), also, the rhythm and how it adapts to the changing emotions of the singer, and if it was not enough, the lyrics, deserved 2nd place.

1. Like A Stone - Audioslave
To me this song is unique, the voice of Chris Cornell, combined with the sound of the guitar and the bass, the deep lyrics, make this song very especial to me.

I enjoyed doing this post, If you liked it you are free to upvote or leave me a comment.

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Hola amigo, todas las canciones me gustan :D. Feliz día.


Gracias amigo, feliz dia