Stan Kolev - Ananda (Sam Prock remix)

2년 전

I love Psytrance (and Psybient) genres for dynamics, pressure and overall coolness. I've being trying to learn it for some years now. Posting first time, thinking remix is a good opportunity. Original track by Stan Kolev is Progressive House (stems provided for remix comps at Metapop. I like mix with stems vs. finished song). Remixing is good for you - you learn and find your own sound faster!

If you approve of it I keep making my Psy tracks. For now start with remix post. If it's good - it's not my credit, if not - not my fault neither :P LOL Original stems by Stan Kolev (used most of FX and vox). The main drums, bass, synths are mine from Moog, Arturia and Korg. Ableton Live 10, IK Multimedia. Cover art made on iPhone with PhotoFox app.

Ommmm........... ☮

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