Sneak Peak of Original Music

3년 전

Wanna see what’s kept us busy the last few months? Here is a sneak peak of a youth orchestra practicing original music we composed for our upcoming comic book series, Ludwig the Platypus. This piece is called, “Ludwig’s Theme”.

To find out more details on our comic book progress and homeschool music project, check out our website, or read our blog here on Steemit. Full orchestrations will be available soon!


Saturn Creative Team Horizontal Transparent.png

P.S: We are recording with our GoPro, so not all of the full orchestral sounds were captured. More video content coming soon! Also, we attempted to upload this on DTube, but couldn't due to a server error. :(

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  ·  3년 전

Excellent work, kiddos! One point I would like to raise to others reading your post is that this is an arrangement of your original work. You guys arranged all the individual parts for each kid in the orchestra based on their current skill level. That was an incredible amount of work and a great learning experience for you. Great job on this assignment!


Thanks, Mom! :)