Something I Need (prod. Dg)

4년 전

something I need.jpg

Here's another sneak peek at one of my best and latest songs before the official release

This has an underlying tone about love. When I wrote this, it was me writing to the future girl I end up. She'll have something I need, want, believe in, and love. She'll have it all and I'll give her all of me. However, I'd prefer the interpretation be left to the listener for what it means to them.

Fan art by @Charisma777

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A divine sound, brother, it really is a great theme, congratulations I give you from the heart :)


Eyy thanks for tuning in

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Follow an back return.

nice song!
hope you visit my page for more music stuff plus i'm here to support musicians :)


Thanks so much! I'll check it out

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