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Hey Guys

This is a Deatailed Video about How i chopp up my samples, and get them ready for finger drumming.

I already uploaded this a while a go on my Youtube, but since im not eligeble for monitizeing my videos any more, because of the changes Youtube made with 2018 , i decided to uploaded on Dtube to maybe earn some bucks for my time and effort to make this video .

I also saw that there is quit a lot of people interested in sampling and finger drumming on Dtube and Steemit, so i hope you will find this video helpfull, and entertaining :) Or maybe you even get encouraged to try it out yourself . All you need nowdays is a smarthphone App and you are good to go :) You can also get a second hand Maschine pretty cheap ;)

More to come,

Peace , Shaka ;)

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Expecting more great information from you. Thanks and more grace


More videos comming soon :)

Thank you ;)

@shakazula this is such a cool tutorial especially for newbies like me, you make something that looks extremely complicated look easy to use! If you don't mind asking how much did that machine cost? be pretty cool to get one looks awesome!
Sorry to hear youtube demonetized artists like you but your in the right place now onward and upward from now on! Looking forward to your next tutorial! Upvoted resteemed and followed!
Peace and Love my Friend!


Thank you :) much appriciated !

I know Its hard to wrap your head around finger drumming and getting your samples ready when you start out. Thats why im really glad to hear i made this complicated thing a bit easier for you . :)

Maschine Mk3 goes for 600 $ , but you can get a used Mk2 for around 300 $ , and Micro Mk2 for 150 $, this are just rough estimates :)

If you have some more questions feel free to ask ;)

Peace, Shaka ;)

Amazing post boss
I am Joe and am a new member on this platform.
I just followed you because i dont want to miss any of your posts.
Please can you take some 2 seconds and follow me back .
Because i have something good for you all.
I promise not to skip you when i buy my steem power.
Actually, i have made my mind to buy steem power as soon as possible.
Erm... Anyway thank you .


Thanks :)

Ill check it out ;)


Thank you :)

Great tutorial man! That ending was lit!! You're a super talented live sampler! I'm currently just using the drum pads on my MpkMini but I hope I'll be able to pick up a machine someday. Following for more!


Thank you man , it means alot :)

Any controller is good to start out finger drumming, and you can get a second hand Maschine Mikro Mk2 for around 150 $ .

Thanks for the follow, ill check out your profile :)

Very cool dude. Reminds me of when I was a young man working with an MP60 (Yes that was the first one. I had several after that but the 60 was the classic. All the best to you.


Glad i brought up some old memories :)

Yeah MP60s are classic , paved the way for all the mondern controllers .

Thank you ;)

Nice man.. I like your beat.. Keep doing it..


Thanks :)

MOre to come ;)

Nice work. We gotta bring this community together for producers. I'm getting tired of Souncloud too. Dsound has impressed me. I use Boss SP202-303-404 combinations for my beats.


Thank you :)

Yeah it nice to see so many musicians and music producers on Steemit :)

I never had a chance to use one of Boss products, but ive seen them in mayn videos, and they seem fun to use :)

it is really amazing the movements of your fingers, pure art. Thank you


Thanks for your kind words :)

Im glad you enjoyed, more to come ;)

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yes. youtube sucks.. there are so much ppl that make good tutorial videos and put a lot of time, money and effort into it. its cool that steemit dont cuts them out. i am maschine mk3 owner as well and find new features ever day. hopefully they upgrade it soon with more sequencer options like reverse, inverse etc. or maybe i havent found it yet.. :-) +1 fan


YEah Youtube made it even harder for smaller channels :(

But thank god we got Steemit and Dtube :D

Mk3 is great, i ve been using it daily from September , and like you said, there are so many possibilities, that you can learn something new everyday :)

To be honest i dont use a lot of sequencer , so i cant help you with any info about that . But i think its awesome that one Controller has so many diffrent possibilities , and almost everyone uses it in a slightly diffrent way .

Thanks for watching, and more to come ;)

dude, you are very skilled with the maschine, keep up the good work!


Thank you :)

I will! :) More videos comming soon ;)

if you like good videos check out my channel .... cheers! thank you all!