Dance with me. OC (a 5 hours music project).


Woke up feeling creative today.

So I launched FL slap some beats did some vocals wasted (or invested) some time I had a lot of fun, recorded a bassline with my guitar, then slapped into it some basic chords some reverb filters some scratches and more bass, some lead tuning, then i did some background vocals, as a result I learned a couple new things and I created this sort track, then slapped it in Resolve did a sort little video from a static picture from the subway I took some years ago (eventually everything comes in handy) Add some shake filters posterize it in photoshop. Had a coffee render the whole shit up uploaded at YouTube and I have it under the
Creative Commons tag for everyone to use redistribute or whatever.

I hope you like the tune. And I am open in criticism and suggestions about music anything goes really.
I am just happy I finally put down everything I learned over the last 1.5 year in use.

This project took me 5 hours from nothing to something.
The language is Greek but I am not sure even Greeks can understand the lyrics they are there just for harmonizing with the key (which is at F#minor) more than to say a story.
Next project will be in English, promise :)

Thanks for your support. Slap me with an upvote and move on having a nice day.
Yours Truly.

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