My way...

11개월 전

If you asked my to sing this song a couple months ago I would have laughed my ass off. But here it is now, I will be able to sing it way better in the near future. But the result pleases me for now. check it out.

My take on a beloved song that goes from Elvis Prisley to Frank Sinatra both singing it exceptional good.

So after a couple of months of lessons at vocals I can handle the breathing required to sing it a bit decent, I hope you will enjoy it.

See you soon.


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Bro that's amazing.
I would really love to hear "Ring of Fire" by Johny Cash.
I believe your voice could really fit in that song SO GOOD.
Keep it up bro.

haha this is great. i think i'm your 27th subscriber. i hope to see you at 27k 👍


I got my 27th subscriber 3 years ago.