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Someone like you

I think I am at about 1500 hours of guitar and vocals lessons after almost a year which I think it would be around January or february. So here is the result of my hours spend I have become almost fluid with the piano so I am mostly focused on the guitar nowdays.

I am kinda proud to be honest watching my last year progress to this day, and I hope I get everything perfect with another 1500 hours invested to music.

P.S this was probably the most satisfying year I had in my life for a very very long time, even though it isn't easy it does give me a feeling of completeness and it fills my days like nothing ever did till day.

I know I am not perfect yet but I am giving it my all. Next instrument would be drams or maybe Cello. Not sure yet, heck probably both as long as i get the money I need to buy both of them then Ill do both.

see you soon again.

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