Solar Heavy - Constellations | Original Music | Chill Vibes

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This original song titled Constellations is inspired by my love for the stars, and good vibes. :)
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Hour long mix:!/v/solarheavy/vyrzuwuy

Solar Heavy is a blend of Chill Electronic Music and Ambient Orchestral Elements, creating a cosmic journey sending you deep beyond the stars. From vast open soundscapes, and rhythmic bass lines matched with atmospheric low end elements, his music will surely be a welcome addition to any playlist or catalog. A fusion of genres and moods, you can expect to discover music with chil

Heavily influenced by space, and all its beauty.
Join my sonic journey across the cosmos.
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The most common genres and what you'll most likely find here are,
Chillstep, Future Bass, Melodic Instrumentals, Minimal & Downtempo, Progressive House, Drum n' Bass, Trap, Space Themed Music, and a fusion of these.

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Congratulations. You are the 1000th steemit user to follow my account. Your music is relaxing.


It's an honor friend, thank you for giving me your time.

Very chill; i like it.