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My names Solar Heavy, for about 7 years now under a variety of artist names, I've been sharing my original music across all the familiar websites and social networks we use. Over the years I've witnessed a lot of change in the music industry, from MCN's, copyright claim issues, stream prioritization, the downfall of labels, album sales, and most importantly the ultimate rise of streaming business models.

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As technology changes and music adapts, I truly believe decentralization within the Music Industry to be paramount in it's survival. As an Independent Artist, I rely solely on royalties, cue works, mastering, split revenue platforms, streaming, and monetized places to share my art. Most of these are scattered, spread out, disconnected, and disproportionately represented. Royalties can be delayed at will, take months to arrive, and statistics can take weeks, slowed to a halt by a number of inefficient systems. The entire Music Industry is falling apart and in dire need of a revamp, a sync with the current uptrend in technology, user control, freedom of creative decentralization, and of course, Blockchain Technology.

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We're in a Wild West cultural and technological shift for music, content creation, and sharing digitally as a whole.
I haven't looked forward to something so monumentally changing to this form of art in years. The streamlined accessibility thats lacking, and disconnect from artist to platform is beyond ready for an update in my opinion. I ready that change with high hopes that the power will shift slightly more towards the content creator itself, and not so heavily towards the host of the content.

I'm absolutely new to this, like so many other musicians, artists, and creators that are just coming online to what all of this will bring to the entertainment world. I'll continue to dive head first into this change, with so much optimism towards what it will start. The fire's lit, the momentum has already shifted, and the future of music, is bright.


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Welcome solarheavy! Some places you may want to start looking at are labels on the blockchain and see how they're fairing:


Have a great time here and thank you for the follow!


Thanks, and no problem! Wonderful source of info I can dive into.


Just thought I'd send you some places to start. When I first got here, I was totally lost. Lol. Best of luck to you.

Welcome to Steemit, solarheavy! Wish you a very exciting experience here on this platform :) Have Fun


Thank you! Beyond excited to share my works with the community.

Greeting @solarheavy! Welcome to Steemit community!


Great to be here, thank you!

Welcome to steemit @solarheavy, now you can share your music thru dlive, dtube or even dsound :-)


I'm currently uploading my entire catalog onto as we speak! I'll check into the other outlets you mentioned, thanks for the info friend!

Great to have you here on Steemit.


Very happy to share my art with the community!

I recommend working closely with @minnowsupport here. Your music will be appreciated.


Looking into the community now, thank you for the recommendation!


I think you would be real good friends with @movement19. He just started a little while ago and is doing great here and has similar interests.