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What is the Steemit Artists Music Compilation?

SAMC is a collection of original multi genre songs from top artists involved in the Steemit music community.  The Compilation tracks are selected upon submission by @soundlegion  and packaged up in a full digital album collection with original Steemian created artwork.  The Volumes are hosted on  www.soundlegionrecords.com and presented in post form here on steemit for fans and artists to download free in post links.     All SBD from  each  official volume post goes to the Artists on the volume and 25   Steem each week for 4 weeks is given away to a spotlight artist from @soundlegion.    

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume series offers genres such as Acoustic Singer Songwriter, Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, EDM, Contemporary, and more.      These Volumes are the first official music collections compiled together and offered up to the Steemit Community.     Each Volume is Free to download and the tracks can be used in Content creation for other Steemians as long as credits are given to the artists.   

Steemit is an online social media community that allows like minded folks to come together in sharing there unique perspectives and passions and create powerful original content such as this.     Steemit allows content creators to earn and gives the opportunity to spread the love of rewards to others with easy and quick crypto currency transfers.    Motivation through community, engagement and rewards for effort.   The Steemit Artists Music Compilation takes full advantage of these great new opportunities here on steemit and in the world of crypto currency, bringing together multi genre talented artists and there incredible tracks in one collection for other steemians to discover and enjoy.   Steemians can download these albums and follow and support there favorite passionate songwriters on steemit.   They can also use this music in there own original content posts which will support steemit community collaboration and communications and the content creator and the artist all in one.     

Check out Clip Videos from each Volume Below

*Each Clip video contains 20-30 second clips of each track on the Volume so you can quickly browse through each collection.      

*A Download link is available under each video so you can download your favorite Volume or All the Volumes!!

*Each Artist/Track Name/Steemit Account Name in each volume is also posted under each Volumes Clip Video. 

*Follow and Support your Favorite Artists

Volume 1

Side A Track List

1.  On Firecracker Hill - Randall Head @californicajun 

2.   Chouraha - Alif @hardikv 

3.  Sense of Taste - Jay Sussman @jaybird Download Listen 4.   Strange Times - Escape Hatch @escapehatch 

5.   Along the Bottom - Shavon Bonnie Legion @soundlegion Feat. Cher Forgeron @cherforgeron 

6.   Empire - WVM @wvm  

7.   Descend - Ruins of lsa @Isaria   

8.    Cracker Jacker - De Wallen @dewallenband  

9.   Three Legged Dog - Ginseng @calum 

10.  Scope - Christopher Hengoed @dreamsonics 

11.  Lohbert - @bymma  

12.   Where do we go from here - Brian Max / Nathan Waterman / Magnificent Fools @brimax 

13.   Riddle Me That - Clyde Majik Legion @clydemajiklegion 

14.   C'mon - BLAI$E @blaisep 

15.   You're The One I Wanna Do - Skyfish @luzcypher 

16.   Titan - Qrittix @qrittix 

17.   Manflu - Steevc @steevc  

18.   Chomp - Elpi5 @harrisonmir  

19.   Working birds - Carface @carface 

20.  Train - Ceejay Jonez @chrisgoans  

21.   Washedin - //i.s.a.a.c. @tribedownsouth

22.   Astral Empiricism - Jurema @brains1ck  

23.   RUN TO THE PAST - John Dewar @johndewar  

24.   # SRIRACHA - Tony Endz & Ghost Rene @reneyusufbey  

25.   Emergence - JonJon @jonjon1 

Side B Track List

 1.   Gratitude - Jamisun @jamisonic  

2.   The connection - Kunoichi @kaykunoichi  (Featuring Blu)  

3.   Dear Love - Quanah Jay Hicks @quanahjayhicks 

4.   Hoxie - Jessamyn L Orchard @jessamynorchard 

5.   Wait So Long - Chuky Charles @rdollarsign 

6.   Cherish - Verbal D @verbal-d Feat. Edgar Miranda @edgarstudios 

7.   Gunk Funk - @k-zet  

8.   Misery Loves Company - Ron Donson @rondonson (prod by. Black Tokyo) 

9.   Delusions - Simon Kraemer @simonkraemer

10.   Release my Soul - Morktra @lk666 

11.   Chillout - Patryk Maryniok @maureis 

12.   It Could Be Us - T.J. @lilrobiee Feat. Breana Marin & Vee @nicholevargas

13.   Hipster - Miki Solus @mikisolus 

14.   Blue Roses - @ivanc  

15.   Reason To Love You - Joe Russo @passion-ground 

16.   Sound of Strings - PurpleProse @purpleprose 

17.    Weeping Skies - Prince of Cats @princeofcats Feat. Melissa Boys 

18.    Ode To Cancun - Tyler Feldman @tfeldman 

19.   The Lonely Moon - Tamal Ghosh @tamsguitar 

20.   Another Hot Sticky Summer Day - Transhumanity @transhuman 

21.   Lazy Galaxies - TimothyPratt @timothympratt  

22.   I've Made it Home - ryanthegecko @ryanthegecko  

23.   Grind - Trillex @trillex 

24.   Larva - @orrslaw   

25.   Michael D Pair Beat - Michael D. Pair @pairmike 

26.   Baa Baa Black Sheep - @sanchez  


Direct Download Side A 

Direct Download Side B 

Volume 2

Track List - Hip Hop Volume

 1. Kunoichi x Pody Cameron - What it's Worth - @kaykunoichi 

2. Arelowo Alao-The Gamble-Main - @alao

3. Ceejay Jones -Tales from the Crypt - @chrisgoans 

4. Bryan Divisions - Let Go - @bryandivisions  

5. Bonnie Legion - No More Reignin - @soundlegion 

6. Geechi Dan - Call out to Heaven - @geechidan  

7. Suttle - Avoid Me  - @suttle

8. Voyce Atlas - Bubble wRappers - @voyceatlas  

9. T.J. - My Day Will Come Feat. Breana Marin - @lilrobiee 

10. Clyde Majik Legion - Love Letter to the Motherland - @clydemajiklegion 

11. NSpire - Keys to Open Doors - @highlynspired 

12. Malick sidibe - Push it - @sidibeat 

13. Simon Kraemer Feat. Bonnie Legion - Dragon Drool - @simonkraemer 

 14. Brian Max -Tattoo - @brimax  

15. Qrittix Feat. Majik - Purgatory - @qrittix 

16. The Black Esper - Lost In Love - @lordmok  

17. Miggie - I Just Wanna Live - @bigpay

18. Tony Endz & Ghost Rene' -Truckee  - @tonyendz 

19. X4oL1N - Flawless (Oh My God) - @enginewitty  

20. Jcam & X40L1N - Cryptowave - @arcaneinfo - @eninewitty 

21. Rigo White - ZmooRhs - @basedrod 


Direct Download

Volume 3

Track List

1. SteemBirds - Steem Around the World @steembirds 

2. Brandon Hill - Brand New @branhmusic

3. Kate Jablonski - Don't Let Me Win @kjablonski 

4. Ruins of Isa - Let Me Down @isaria

5. Noria - Shadows @nirtsfaty 

6. Jay Sussman - I Gave In @jaybird 

7. Cher Forgeron - Power @cherforgeron 

8. Bonnie Legion (Paul Irvine) - Against the Machine @apolymask 

9. Fergus Plinko - Floated Away @tarotbyfergus 

10. Brian Max - I Need You @brimax 

11. Eden Michelle - ICU @edenmichelle 

12. Tyler Feldman - Step Back in your Mind @tfeldman 

13. Bobby Ray Koch - Sweet September @steamrolla 

14. Morktra - Hole in the Ground @Ik666 

15. Patrick Welch - Pumpkin Spice @revdocwelch 

16. All My Friends are Stars - Detox 2 @nsosin

17. Katherine Ramirez - Bombas and Granadas @soykatonline

18. Majik (Qrittix) - One Wish for the Songbirds @clydemajiklegion 

19. T. J. - Avalanche @lilrobiee 


Direct Download

Volume 4

Track List

 01 - Steemit Music Artists - @danieldyemusic - Daniel Dye - Hard Cider  

02 - Steemit Music Artists - @leelektrik Lee Lektrik Southern Comfort 

03 - Steemit Music Artists - @kjablonski Kate Jablonski - Tonight 

04 - Steemit Music Artists - @branhmusic Brandon Hill - A note to self  

05 - Steemit Music Artists - @kryptoe Deon Ashton - I'll Be Yours  

06 - Steemit Music Artists - @jaybird Jay Sussman - What You Stole  

07 - Steemit Music Artists - @trevorpetrie The War of Ideas - The Bitter End  

08 - Steemit Music Artists - @stanhopeofficial Charles Thomas Stanhope - Out to Sea 

09 - Steemit Music Artists - @webresultat Secret Springs - Three Three Three 

10 - Steemit Music Artists - @hardikv -wordsofalif ALIF - Log Kya Kahenge  

11 - Steemit Music Artists - @davidfar Davood Faramarzi Free Earth 

12 - Steemit Music Artists - @edenmichelle Eden Michelle - Deep Into The Dark

13 - Steemit Music Artists - @atomcollector @grandspace  Juxta & Grand Space - Rise Up 

14 - Steemit Music Artists - @rockchickjen Sacrifice - My Wings

15 - Steemit Music Artists - @derosnec DEROSNEC - Criminal 

16 - Steemit Music Artists - @tarotbyfergus Fergus Plinko - The Devil Woke 

17 - Steemit Music Artists - @wilins Wilins Mendez - Gira la tierra 

18 - Steemit Music Artists - @ilazramusic Ilazra - Mi Juego 

19 - Steemit Music Artists - @nsosin  - All my friends are stars -  The Weed Debate  

20 - Steemit Music Artists - @alao Arelowo Alao - The Way it Goes 

21 - Steemit Music Artists - @drocobama Droco - Propaganda 

22 - Steemit Music Artists - @adamzi A.D.A.M - Memory 

23 - Steemit Music Artists - @ethanoladdiktz - Dead Bones Crook - Dying Light 

24 - Steemit Music Artists - @qrittix Bonnie & Clyde Legion (Qrittix) - Dont Fear the Wicked

25 - Steemit Music Artists - @harrisonmir Elpi5 - When I Say feat. jon Caturia 

26 - Steemit Music Artists - @sebastianhughes Sebastian Hughes - Never Let You Go  

27 - Steemit Music Artists - @rial17 - Rial - Memories 

28 - Steemit Music Artists - @digitalopus Rodnell Matos - Circunstancias  


Direct Download

Check out the latest official post for Volume 4 - Currently in progress


Volume 5 Submissions begin in May and will continue on Multi Genre - Look for official Volume 5 Submission posts @soundlegion - Volume 5 Cover Contest also Begins in May

Special Shouts to MSP -Waves Steemit Radio @isaria @luzcypher @krystle @dsound Bush Rod Radio @topkpop @pfunk @msp-curation @ausbitbank for support

Volume 1 Cover Winner @hardikv Volume 2 Cover Winner @antoniokarteli Volume 3 Cover @nicholevargas Volume 4 Cover @hardikv

@soundlegion strongly supports the arts here on steemit and the growing music community.   @soundlegion is an official OpenMic Judge and also creates original multi genre music releases.   Sound Legion was created by myself California singer songwriter and collaborative artist Shavon Bonnie Legion, UK rapper, lyricist and music promoter Majik @clydemajiklegion and Netherland multi genre producer Sven Qrittix Driesen @qrittix.  Check us out www.soundlegionrecords.com    We are an independent collaborative artists music house for promotions and original multi genre music content.    We collaborate with and promote artists from all over the globe in a wide variety of sounds.  

Tips for Artists new on Steemit or trying to get involved in Blockchain music

1. If you are outside Steemit and have not already, sign up for www.steemit.com and start sharing your original music in post with links.   Introduce yourself to the community and start following the music tag.   Top music creators to follow who engage the community arts especially through music.   @luzcypher @meno @krystle @isaria @soundlegion @verbal-d @lk666 @rondonson @pfunk @qrittix  @donnaincancun @passion-ground.

2. Start using DSound @dsound

  DSound   is a web application that allows you to upload, listen and discover music. The data is stored on top of a  IPFS Network. It uses the Steem blockchain as a decentralized data which allows authors to earn  rewards  in Steem Dollars.   

3. Join OpenMic - A weekly contest hosted by @luzcypher and sponsored weekly prizes from steemit witness @pfunk (vote for @pfunk as a witness) Top 5 places receive over 300 Steem in prizes each week.   200 Steem from @pfunk 100 Steem from @luzcypher Record yourself performing a live original song or cover, or share with us your instrumentation work. Open Mic Judges @passion-ground @soundlegion @krystle @meno @verbal-d.   Join us on openmic

4. Upload your original music on Musicoin https://www.musicoin.org/ and start earning crypto per play

How it works

5. Follow @soundlegion and submit your music in for Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5.   Earn a little Steem with each official post and also a chance for Spotlight artists prizes and extra promotions for your music.   SAMC also creates posting opportunities as well that have a chance to earn good rewards.  @soundlegion supports with full power upvotes all SAMC related posts using the tag #soundlegion

Download Music and Enjoy!! Follow your Favorite Artists on Steemit and Support there talent and art.   Use and credit this music in your content creation. 

Thanks for your upvote, resteem & comment.

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congratulations to everyone on these volumes. Great music

Fantastic. I will add Vol 4 to my stash of songs. Thanks for doing what you do and the mention.


much thanks for your support with the volumes @topkpop there are a lot of gems in there. I look forward to compiling many more volumes in the future.

Hey, the musics shared are nice.
That's so good there is too much music to listen.
I have bookmarked the page to listen to other videos next time.


thanks very much i hope you enjoy the talents here. great music my friend huge love

Very good. I will add Vol 4 to my song collection. Thanks for doing what you did and mentioning it.

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Thank you very much
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Volume 3 is awesome I love it.

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congratulations to everyone watching & listing are 4 Volumes of the Steemit Artists Music . Great post sir .