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Introducing Wav-Legion Color Playlists on Spotify and YouTube

The Wav-Legion fusion music project is focused on multi-genre sound play. We are just about to release out 6th full length album and have worked with dozens of various sound genre artists in collaboration to create unique original songs that appeal to the masses. We play in all types of sound colors and moods and genres and have created some color coded playlists to help guide listeners to fresh new music coming from Wav-Legion.

Black: Darker Vibe tracks - - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

White: Light Purity and Sincere Tracks full of Positive Goodness - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

Red: Fire Tracks with Attitude or Love and Banter Tracks sometimes a sexy vibe - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

Green: Growth and healing peace and hope tracks, nature. - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

Blue: Tranquil or Sad or Sorrowful tracks Apathy or Questioning - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

Orange: Courage Experimentation Confidence Funky - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

Yellow: Bright Energy Happy Fun - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

Purple: Spiritual Deep - Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube

Featuring Artists like Billy Korg, Psionic Tremors, Tyger Tyger, D-Vine, Metropolis Music, Therese Lefebvre, Qrittix, Jantzen, Robert P. Kreitz, Ethanol Addiktz, David Far, 1119phoenix, djmf, bufinjer, and Miss eFeMby.


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wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion

@wav-dr @soundlegion @BonnieLegion

Check out our latest Collaboration with the talented Pianist Therese Lefebvre from Swiss Alps.

"Our Present State"

Coming Soon!! Wav-Legion Sign Wav Full Album

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This has been the most amazing musically journey. Beyond words. Thank you @soundlegion and each and every collaborator we have worked with.