Was Skip James A Time Traveler

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Some people believe that Skip James was a time traveler sent from the 2020's back to the 1960's.

In the song when his talking about hardtimes he isn't talking about prison, or the great depression but he is actually talking about blockchains and the depression to follow the collapse of crypto currencies when world governments attack... Holy crap is the song really a message from the future in our past telling us about tomorrow? What if time travel was possible and they were sending people to the future and controlled their guaranteed return dates using blockchain tech and smart contracts. Could they have possible been sent so far into the future that they received blockchain type data base memories of all of the important facts of the future?

Who knows what really happened to Skip James but he is playing as if he is from a future generation that has yet to come. Many people believe that most of the some of the great performers of the day actually bought or stole songs from Skip James.

Listen to the way he talks about swimming in the Cool Song Called - Catfish Blues

What is Skip James trying to tell us in this little number he did? I'm sure it is cryptic and hard to decipher but he was clearly sending a message that we still do not fully understand today.

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Why would a time traveler express their knowledge of the future in the form of Blues?


If only he were around to ask that question. @atherz you make an excellent point with that question.


I don't know that's why i'm asking. Mention My Name.


There will be more bungholes after me!

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