EXCLUSIVE: Tony Campos gives details on the new STATIC-X album

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On the new album "Project Regeneration" featuring previously unheard vocal tracks from Wayne Static...

Tony: “It started with five demos that Wayne had done shortly before his passing that he had given to a producer friend of ours, who then gave them to me after Wayne had died. Only one of the songs had Wayne‘s vocals on them, and the rest were just rough demos. We started out with that, and then original and longtime producer, Ulrich Wild, turned me on to three songs that didn’t make the ‘Start A War‘.

So we kept Wayne‘s vocal performances, reworked the music, and so we had four songs with Wayne‘s vocals on them. And while looking for all our live backing tracks, we discovered an additional seven [or] eight songs that Wayne had demoed. And a lot of that stuff were just vocal performances; the tapes where he had recorded the music were never found. So we wrote new music for all that stuff. So now the majority of the songs on this record will feature Wayne‘s vocals.”

On whether Tony Campos would have eventually reconciled with Wayne Static if he were still alive...

Tony: "Yeah, that's on of the reason why we feel like we can do this (tribute show). Had Wayne overcome his addictions and distanced himself from the negative people in his life who were enabling his addictions and bad habits, had he done that he would be here doing this with us right now. You'd be talking to him instead of me. Once he got into the drugs, that really changed him, but the guy he was, he was a great guy. Had that guy come back I defiantly feel in my heart he'd be with us right now."

On the future of Static-X? Will the identity of the new front-man be revealed? and will there be further albums?

Tony: "We haven't really thought that far ahead. we're just kind of enjoying the moment and really trying to make this the best experience we can for us and for the fans. When that's all said and done and it's something the fans want then I'm certainly now opposed to it.

Listen to the full interview

Catch Static-X with Wednesday 13 and Dope live in August!


Static-X - I'm With Stupid [Official Music Video]

Static-X - Cold [Official Music Video]

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I have never heard about Static-X. Just now I am listening to a few of their songs on soundcloud - I like the way Cold started. Beginning Music of So-real is something, like seriously something. But i am feeling trippy after two tracks only. God heavy music for my brain.


Cold is my favorite

They had a very strong sound and the lyrics worked well with the tone. I would have quite enjoyed dancing back in the day at the Goth clubs. Long time ago now. The video looked absolutely fabulous.

It is a shame about Wayne's death.


I only saw them once, but it was one of the best live shows I'd seen.


I only saw them
Once, but it was one of the
Best live shows I'd seen.

                 - sticksforstones

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

\m/ I specially loved their song "cold" it was a real great band


It's one of my favorites. I first heard it on "The Queen of the Damned" soundtrack

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appreciate it =)