Ajeva - Live Music Video Concert and Artists Painting at Zen Awakening Music Festival 2018

2년 전

We filmed this music video at the Zen Awakening Festival.

We all went together and celebrated love, freedom, art, and music.

The holiday season is a perfect time to be grateful and reflect on our blessings.

Happy Holidays, and a healthy, sweet, awesome, successful magical New Year 2019!

I hope you enjoy the video, it took several days of work and this is the result!

Prismatic Sparkle and SuperNova55 present a fresh, high quality, 4k video musical production for your entertainment and enjoyment!

See more of our videos here:

Filmed at the Zen Awakening Music Festival 2018


Featuring music by Ajeva!

With amazing art by OceanMan (Joao Romero) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...

Thank you all,

Love & Light,

Supernova55 :D

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thank you for sharing with us this video, I like that music and art are part of the same scene

Merry Christmas


@pequef :D

I am glad that you liked the video is a reunion with my friends as you can be appreciated! We all get together every year, and it is a magical unforgettable experience!! :D

I have more videos, I will encoding, edit and produce soon!

I have one that is it like rains of diamonds in the rain.

Happy holidays, and a sweet healthy New Year 2019!

Merry Christmas, enjoy the vote!


@berniesanders :D

Thank you very much!

I wish you an awesome Happy Holidays! Blessings of happiness, health, success, wealth, and spread love and peace to the world!

Excellent music and very cool art, I really appreciate your contribution to steemit! Keep up with the great work that you do!


Thank you very much @zeusalpha! :D

Have fun and enjoy the Holidays season!

Much love,

@supernova :D