My new project for 2019


I've been absent from Steem for a while now, and with this post I have finally come back. Apologies to those that I skipped out on. I have some prizes still to give out from competitions that I've run in the past, and I apologize for my tardiness. At the end of last year I became quite unwell again, and ended up spending the Christmas / New Year period in respite care, reacquainting myself with daytime television. I am glad to be back at home now and slowly getting back into things.

One thing that I have resumed for 2019 which I used to do quite a lot in the past is curating indie / free cultural music. My current project involves working through the "Best of" playlists on Jamendo, starting at 2018 and working my way backwards to 2016. I am creating my own playlists of favourite tracks based on these "Best of" playlists, highlighting one track from each month into an annual "Best of the Best" playlist of my own personal preferences. From there I will be taking my custom playlists into MusicBrainz and researching any missing metadata tags for the public database, for each track listed in my "Best of the Best" playlists, and the albums and artists associated with those playlists. I'll probably mindmap the whole process using Coggle as well.

This is me, this is the type of thing I do often. If you see me go off on a tangent, don't be surprised. It is part of having Aspergers. I sometimes go off into my own little world and intensely focus on something, practically to the exclusion of all else. Some people have hobbies. Some people have passions. I have "projects", and this is my current project.


I am a proud member of the AUS & NZ Discord server. My thanks to @cryptonik for making me this cool #TeamNZ banner. Kia Kaha!


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Respite care sounds pretty heavy duty D: hope you're doing better now :)


Thanks ryi, respite care is just a fancy term for "medical prison", haha. It's like being in hospital and under the watchful eye of medically-trained staff for a long term stay, but it's not actually in a hospital, as such, more like a "group home" where one's health can be monitored constantly without tying up actual hospital resources.


Thinking of you today, mate.

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