Ugochill Recommends - Steve Elliot and The Stevee band !!

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The Stevee Band is British guitarist and vocalist Steve Elliott’s band @stevee , which plays original STEVEE songs (Jazz, Blues, Indie Rock), and arrangements of rock and pop classics from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, Sting, Chuck Berry, Pink Floyd, etc., as well as traditional Blues (Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson, etc.). This new outfit has performed in Moscow at BB King’s House of Blues, Rhythm & Blues Cafe, Scenario Café, Event Regatta 2019, at private parties and corporate events.

The Band

Stevee – vocals, guitar

Pavel Mikaelyan – keyboards

Vladimir Tyron – saxophone, wind instruments

Eugeny Kuznetsov (Gigantic) – drums, backing vocals

Igor Fydorov (Dydya Fydor) – bass

(International band – British, Armenian, Ukrainian and Russian:))

Steve Elliot on Soundcloud

Stevee on Bandcamp

Stevee on Spotify

Please dear friends.Support your loved ones and each other always, and especially in times such as these. United We Stand.!

One Love.!

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stevee rocks

Thanks so much for taking your valuable time to put this post. Much love and light from me and Mother Russia!


:) Spasiba and most welcome.

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