Ugochill update (News and Supporting Brothers and Sisters in Arms)

11개월 전


Hello everyone.

Just like whole world went into bananas, same thing happened with my plans.Making an album these days?..well let's see what happens :)..I think bit later in the future will be better to focus on such an endeavour.Will focus more on singles for the time being and some collaborations.
But also on helping dear Brothers and Sisters in arms as much as I can.With promoting, streaming and sharing various Indie Music and Artists.Starting tomorrow, every or every second day I will dedicate to promote, stream, buy their tracks on bandcamp if available, post on steem info about them and etc.. each day or two, one band or artist.

I also receive lots of support myself which is deeply appreciated.!!

I hope you are all well, and remain well.
Wishing you all and only the Best.


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yes i nearly finished a new album too, put on hold also, keep well mate :)


You too dear bro..You are one of the artists on my list to do. :) probably end of next week..
much love.

Great stuff. It's always important that we support each other, but particularly now during these strange and crazy times.

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