Techno Friday - What's next to get Music Rewards!

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Music Community - you Rock

What I really like is the growing people that cover music and that I can jump from day to day, from account to account and find excellent music posts. I see many different music stuff e.g.:

  • Music lovers sing well-known songs
  • Music lovers play well-known songs
  • Music lovers sing AND play well-known songs
  • Music lovers sing own composed songs
  • Music lovers sing AND play own songs
  • Music lovers dance to all kinds of songs
  • Music lovers play and mix all kinds of songs
  • Music lovers show what they produced
  • Music lovers show as the process when they produce and mix
  • Music lovers simply show what music and dance they like

I could add much more - I could add any music genre people contribute to - I could also separate the community by saying this music is good, while another music style or activity is worth less - not doing this as I see (boring - I repeat myself) Music Building Bridges!


Dance Weekend starts with Techno Friday - What is the Background?

A major thanks again to @neutronenkind for inventing the #WorldofTechno. This awesome Music Lover created the World of Techno map which I am sure he will update often moving forward! Check his announcement post here and follow him and his work - he is relatively new but awesome with a great pot of ideas!

Together we also created Techno Friday which means almost all days are covered now in the Dance Music space - also explains we have Dance Weekend starting every Saturday from now on. Current daily music tags are:

Sure someone might add dedicated topics for Saturday and Sunday too - no pressure

What is Next in the (Electronic) Dance Area? How can you benefit?

Not sure I mentioned it widely but we plan to organise at least one contest per week around one (or even more) of the above music tags - this could either be we sponsor a bounty as last week for the first Techno Friday or in a different format - at least there will be some potential rewards for people that love music. Most important thing is to engage on our posts with one of the tags mentioned - the more engagement, the more contests. This will also not be limited only to Dance Music I promise.

Next post to Get Rewarded will be online within the next THREE Days

Just so you are aware - the next post where you can earn a little bit of Steem (Power) or SBD either via a Bounty Post or via a dedicated contest / poll will go live either this Saturday, Sunday or Monday! Be patient and check our profiles. As you could see last week Dance Weekend was covering Greek Dance - not Techno, not Electronic Music so it could be a contest even non Dance Music Lovers could be interested in.

And now finally - Techno

Wishing you a wonderful Friday Night - playing for you some Techno that might show my Trance heritage as a DJ again - only songs never posted yet - tell me if you like them and if you have some stories to share about some of these tracks, DJs or projects - use the comment section.

Please also check the following awesome music addicts on Steemit

Awesome folks like me (lol) that offer also their own music project initiatives on our platform. These music experts always provide quality content - just comment if I forgot someone - am compiling a list on all music community guys moving forward.

@edje aka @qsounds

Music tags, initiatives, projects and contests

Thanks to @edje please find below also several music tags you might consider to visit (thanks to @edje for compiling all of them - check his profile - he is an awesome music curator - original post:

30 Days Music Challenge by @verhp11 (more info)
Album Cover Contest by @calisay (more info)
Art Explosion by @juliakponsford (more info)
ArtOnIt Art Contest by @vera.carla (more info)
Artzone by @artzone (more info)
Bad Karaoke Contest @simgirlandsnook (more info)
Bands About Bands by @misterro (more info)
Battle of the Educators by @novili (more info)
Beat Battle League by @chiefmappster (more info)
BlockMountain Community Project by @blockmountain (more info)
Castle Party @katrina-ariel (more info)
Chord Challenge by @antminer (more info)
Classical-Music Curation by @classical-radio (more info)
Composer of the Week by @classical-radio @bengy (more info)
Cover a Steemian by @pechichemena (more info)
Cypher Challenge by @falseyedols (more info)
Cypher Jam by @termitemusic (more info)
Dance Contest by @donatello (more info)
DSounds Weekly Contest by @thexreposts (more info)
Free Mix of Song by @askeb (more info)
Freewrite House by @freewritehouse (more info)
Fundthemusic tag by @kennyskitchen (more info)
Get a Record by @seveaux (more info)
Google Song Maker Contest by @heymattsokol (more info)
Horns Up Saloon by @lk666 (more info)
Isaria’s Weekly Music Curation by @isaria (more info)
iTalent Contest by @ivan.atman (more info)
Karaoke Contest by @killerwhale (more info)
KPH’s Song Competition by @kph (more info)
Kill the Pad Challenge by @jamesgetsit (more info)
Lyrics Writing Competition by @edprivat (more info)
Mike’s Monthly Mastering Giveaway by @harrisonmir (more info)
Monday Mixtape by @hardikv (more info)
MSP Music & Art Curation by @msp-music (more info)
Music Colors by @recordpool (more info)
Music Discovery Week by @conradt (more info)
Musical Poetry Contest by @unusualconcept (more info)
Musicvoter by @musicvoter (more info)
My Life in 8 Songs Radio Show by @pennsif (more info)
Name That Melody by @afrosiab @jhonni17 (more info)
Needle On Your Record Radio show by @d-vine @onemedia @seveaux (more info)
Now Playing Curation by @nowplaying-music (more info)
Open Mic by @luzcypher (more info)
Photo Game Star Contest by @photogames (more info)
Pitchperfect by @alejandra23 (more info)
Play It Loud by @detlev (more info)
Rap Challenge by @rondonson (more info)
SMA Feedback Contest by @inthenow (more info)
Steem Music Community by @perennial (more info)
Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volumes by @soundlegion (more info)
Steemit House Mix Collaboration by @youareyourowngod (more info)
Steemit Music League Challenge by @chiefmappster (more info)
Steem Music Nigeria by @steemmusicng (more info)
Steemit Music Review by @scuzzy (more info)
Steemit Record Pool Contest by @recordpool @djlethalskillz (more info)
Steemit Talent Contest by @donnaincancun (more info)
Steemit’s Best Classical Music Roundup by @classical-music @remlaps (more info)
Teardrops by @teardrops @surpassinggoogle (more info)
Untalented-Singsong by @surpassinggoogle (more info)
Vibrations by @recordpool (more info)
Write From my Music Contest by @fireawaymarmot (more info)

Special Music Tags To Visit

#classical-music by @remlaps
#danceweekend by @uwelang
#discotuesday by @musicgeek
#metalweekend by @detlev (see also "Play It Loud" above)
#mondaymixtape by @hardikv (see also "Monday Mixtape" above)
#mondaytrance by @andyjaypowell
#rapthursday by @flipstar
#rockclassics by @uwelang
#wednesdayhouse by @andyjaypowell

Sources: First two visuals from Pixabay under CCO licence

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Want to listen to a really awesome techno set? Check this one out (by Deborah De Luca) my brother mentioned to me last Saturday:

Really good :-D


I know her - think I posted about the lovely girl already months ago. But have to research my posts - thanks for the great contribution! Epic set @cryptotem

EDIT - had her 7 months ago :-) - - awesome talent!


Hahah awesome :-) I'll check that one out as well!


holy shit. I've never heard of her but she's incredible! 11 million views, god damn! I'm barely ten minutes in and vibing hard. The venue is crazy too.


Pretty good venue indeed! Enjoy the rest of the set ;-)


We definitely need Sunday Chill added in the mix

How sweet you are! Thanks for this!🙏🏼 Today I have a bit electronic music only ;-) but @neutronenkind already rocks :-)))

Great overview of all musicians and contest!
Thanks for this!

Hugs to ya
From Heart2Heart

Digging "Kay Cee - Escape (DJ Icey Mix)", sounds to me like a cool mix of some simple breaks and trancey melodies.


thanks buddy - I play life in one of the Discord Channels right now - playing even cooler stuff :-) - but stopping soon as the girls shouting for me :-)


Nice man, which channel? I'd love to tune in to some live mixes :)


It was in the DACH discord - German speaking community - we might get together for some real life mixing? What time zone are you in again?

thanks for the mention, really appreciate it !!! Spreading the music !!!

I love this techno music called Yoga INC. regards

Wooow I'm new here and didn't realized there were so many electronic music lovers and so many music tags! Tnx


Just to share some topics related to electronic music #experimentalsunday #fridayspecial #mutanttechno

This is really cool and excellent idea you have come up with, it will not only be so melodious due to lot of music to listen to but also create a means in which musician could get the chance to win a lot of upvote and steempower, I can't wait to see it started

Sounds good! looking forward to posting in these tags more

Love the techno Friday. Just can never get to it on a Friday. Thanks for this <3

Techno Friday - What's next to get Music Rewards! This post has been resteemed by the @resteemmuse! Congrats!

oh man, thank you so much for adding me to the list!


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Cool you'll launch a contest! The list can be extended :)


Haha - i still need to think about the concept - maybe not a special contest tag as days will be rolling but we will see :-). The Bounties seem to work quite well - fairer distribution for things like music which is all a matter of taste when more people can influence as one that either likes sth or not.


Bounty: sadly, money seem to work indeed. I tried a challenge without money involved, no traction. Ok, maybe the wrong contest, but still. I'm sure you'll find a cool concept.


Yeah sad enough - still no idea what i do - probably will be tomorrow - but do not expect anything spectacular.


Hi @qsounds.... I nominated you for a challenge... I won't drop link here in someone elses comments... But if you are interested, head over to my page and look for post Gratitude-day 7 - music

As you were :o)

This post gives me a little hope for music on steemit. But i haven't clicked yet.

Oh man, and don’t forget the #electronicmusic tag. It’s where we’ve been gathering in increasing numbers since last year!

Also we have a dedicated section on the SMA Discord which I’m mod of, we’re starting something special!


Thanks for that - I think I am a member on your discord already - will use that tag as well - pretty to hard to decide on which tags to use sometimes :-)


Yeah, it’s hard to find anything sometimes. I was lucky to find @edje in my first week!

Electronicmusic has gradually gone from an empty tag to a tag with traffic in, so it is happening slowly! Big hope is that eventually it can split off into little scenes. Ones for genres, news and reviews, technology and opinions.

I’ll say hi if I see you over on Discord!


This is great and with @edje you found THE man anyway - I realised i was not in SMA yet - joined now and did an intro in the general chat - not sure how I can post in the electronic channel or how that discord works.


Ah I think you need a role for the little sub-channels. Hopefully Seveaux will sort that out as I don’t think I can do it. Not on phone at least.


no worries mate - take your time.


I’ll have to go through and make sure I’ve got everyone mentioned here on the list...

Music is what you need after a tiring day, a relaxation feeling. I love the music on your blog. Awesome stuff