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Underwater Echoes.014_underwater_echoes2.jpg

Introspective frequencies. This what I am offering you.
I often imagine a wave from the sea when I compose my music. It could be a storm or a gentle rocking. I don't impose a click (metronome) on myself when I lay down a track because a wave has a beginning and an end and that should do it. I was watching an interview with a musician on tv and he said: "The biggest problem with music today, is that everything is recorded on a computer click..." This was 15 years ago but that got me thinking a lot about the process I should use and also the one I was using at the time.

Then later I was at the sea at night listening and there was a clear rhythm to the movement of the water. Can I use this to compose I asked myself?
With time I came to an affirmative conclusion.

For this one I took my head under the surface to see whats going on down there. Everything is in slow motion and dreamlike.

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