Original ambient composition / Alien Insects

2개월 전


Unidentified insects that are constructing elaborate webs of deception in the shape of Stonehenge... If this is not enough to worry you then press play on this track. This is a film soundscape/ambient atmosphere of sort.

When I was composing this, plenty of references came through my mind. The first was the soundtrack from the film Crash (1996) directed by David Cronenberg. The soundtrack was really captivating, with dissonance and guitar feedback, I really liked it.

I also enjoy some ambient music when I work and I have no choice but to be inspired by artists like Brian Eno, Tim Hecker or most recently my complete adoration for the minimalist Jazz ensemble named Bohren & der Club of Gore which I could not recommend enough.
So yeah, these unknown insects are creeping around building structures that we don't understand... have a listen.

UPDATE: My most recent post has been hidden by the communist party. I am out of here for good see you on HIVE!!!! https://peakd.com/@vachemorte

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