Original Chill Electro /// Honey Muffin

3개월 전


Imagine that you have to go meet someone but it's pouring rain outside. A promise is a promise so you have to go. Barely went out the door and your feet are already wet... That's the price to pay if you want to go out in sneakers everyday. The metro is late, then... super crowded. People fight to get in and push elbows to get out at the same time. Savages. You are finally there.
Your friend welcomes you with a smile and all the worries are gone. "I have something for you!" she says. "These are Honey Muffins. One bite and you are in heaven". And she was right. Fantasticulous! (I made up that word on the spot at the time). I ate 4 Honey Muffins. Everything was alright.

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O... M... G..., I love this song! Super sticky-sweet vibes dripping down the sides of that Honey Muffin, oh, yum...! 😋