Travelling the 'Backroads' for the final song on the Wav-Legion Acoustic Album

3년 전

Wav-Legion project has kept a smile on my face and the melodies bouncing in my head. I want to thank @soundlegion Bonnie Legion for her amazing work and all the Fans who have joined us on this musical journey. I am excited for the next Wav-Legion chapter. In 2020 we're bringing more music and Live shows.

Here's our last song from our #acoustic #unplugged Album. Sometimes you have to go through the 'Backroads'
to find that special spot. It's not always on a Map you just follow your heart. Kinda like music. Holiday blessings to you all.

Here's our brand new #acoustic song 'Backroads'

'Proper Sweet'

'Small World'

'Dancing Shoes'

Here's 'Slip N Slide'

Here's 'Keep Smiling'

Bonnie's video work is getting so good. Here's 'The . Game'

Lunar Eclipse

Morning Frost with the amazing Therese Lefèbvre on piano.

Here's 'Cloud Nine' . BonnieLegion @soundlegion is so skilled I hear her #FleetwoodMac influence on our #unplugged songs.

We've been having a blast and getting a great response with these unplugged songs. Here's 'Falling Leaves'


'The Game'

'Long Day' by wav-Dr. ¦ Bonnie Legion ¦ Therese Lefèbvre


'At Your Feet'

Here's an amazing Remix from @psionictremors


Interested in winning a Wav-Legion custom T-Shirt?

Video Production, Graphic Design, Vocals, Lyrics, Rocking- Bonnie Legion #SoundLegion
Music Production, Music, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mix & Master - wav-Dr. #AllEarsMusicProductions

If #Spotify is your preference here's an acoustic #playlist that will added to as they drop on the platform

Our Spotify Profiles. If like what you hear please give a Follow

If you're looking for some fly Wav-Legion merch visit

Here's our new Logo from the amazing
wav legion logo 3.jpg

Thanks for listening and supporting Indie Artists like us. We pour our heart and soul into this your support means the World to us. Happy Holiday's to you and yours.

Rock On!
Dave / wav-Dr.

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Hands down the best dynamic duo on steem :)


Wow thanks so much @gibic. Happy holiday's to you and yours

I love your music !! you are great ;-D all the best for you
congratulations on your work and curie vote

Hi wav-dr,

This post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Have a great day :)

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Thanks so much @curie. Your support means the World to us. Holiday blessings your way


I am really delighted with the songs, they are incredibly great for my ears, I hope it continues because you have a lot of talent :)

Greetings from Venezuela

Very happy with how this album came out. Such a great feeling putting out all this just acoustic! really a lot of changeups in there that make it quite an achievement being such a raw production. Honor in the highest to work with such a talented and dedicated partner. much love


so honoured @soundlegion