🎼✌️Mumford & Sons✌️🎼

2년 전


Last night was epic!! We were gifted tickets to see one of our favorite bands and they didn’t disappoint!

Greta Rae was a surprise opening act and we only caught her last two songs but wow...what talent!!! I can’t actually remember the name of the main opening act (🤭) but they were amazing! A mix of soul, world and rock I’d say.

Then Mumford & Sons played an incredible two sets (the second set was an ‘encore’), complete with audience interaction, incredible lights and even fireworks.

They played many favorites and some that I hadn’t heard before. So many harmonies, that fabulous banjo and lots of percussion, some emotive strings and of course my favorite...the brass.

A brilliant night out. So thankful to have been there. 🙏

Go listen to Mumford & Sons and have a blessed night....

Jessi 🙌

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Never heard of them. I'll give them a listen. How are you posting? Is it through partiko?
Your posts are tagged #mallsballers but don't come up under steemit.com/created/mallsballers or steempeak.com/created/mallsballers. (which is why I keep missing your posts).


Oh! Just through steemit.com but on my phone.


So it looks like only your first 4 tags are flowing through to the relevant topic.
I'm not sure how widespread the problem is, but I've asked around. Might be worth moving mallsballers up one position, and I'll let you know if it lands in the topic correctly.


Yeah I'd been missing them as well (since 19 days ago?). Not sure what is going on.
It may be the number of hashtags. I always try to keep it no more than 4.


Yeah a few other people are seeing the same in the last couple of weeks.
The fifth tag isn't working properly.
Might be a precursor to an upcoming change.