Music Fix Friday [Mitchell Bailey,The Stolen,NEMS,Bill Waves,Futuristic,gianni & kyle]

2년 전

Mitchell Bailey - Hold That Down ft. Skatta

Leave it to Mitchell to try something completely different from his typical style and absolutely kill it; first time hearing Skatta but he did his thing as well!

The Stolen - Overboard

How this is only at 277 views right now blows my mind. I think it's truly a sign that with how much music that is coming out now it's easy for incredible songs to get lost. I really hope this one gets more exposure as it's absolutely incredible!

NEMS - Lil Niggas

That real Hip Hop! 🔥

Bill Waves - City of Thoughts feat. Sierra Sellers

One of the best wordsmiths out there and easily one of my favourite rappers comes through with another absolute vibe.
Nice to see him get a nice singer featured on the song I think this would be a good move for him with his music.

Blacksmith - Peace ft. Rakaa, Knytro, Marc7, Carasel

This one really reminds me of that early 2000's Hip Hop sound that was common in Canada [basically because a lot of artists around here wanted to continue that classic 90's Hip Hop sound]. Too good!

Futuristic - Top 10 ft. gianni & kyle

Futuristic x gianni & kyle!?! Yesssss! 🔥🔥🔥

Machine Gun Kelly - Hollywood Whore

I was already getting some Linkin Park vibes from this. Then the little flash of R.I.P. Chester Bennington at 2:50 brought it all full circle! 🙏

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