FLAME : NEW MUSIC VIDEO and OFFICIAL SINGLE VERSION. Love is an endless quest! What is love for you?


NEW SINGLE and VIDEO. Video just premiered minutes ago :) so here it is :) Maybe you remember an earlier just piano version from this song from @openmic last year, but this is its final and official version and music video! :) Right out from the oven! Hope you like it :)

The song is full of contradictions... ice and fire... hot and cold...
We yearn for love, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it's raging fire, sometimes it makes us shiver...
Love is everything

What is love for you?

So here my new single, which is not a "new" song but it's a brand new recording and video. A "flame" rekindled from its ashes to shine ablaze bright once more.


That is why we are constantly longing for it, searching for it... It's an endless quest to find it, to keep it.

Love is an endless quest

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I am burning in the flames of love and that's the way that you do chill me to the bone

Love is a contradiction....
ties you with with knots
but makes you fly on its wings
Our endless quest
we long to find it and we fear to lose it
You must endure the challenges of this epic journey

This song is about love but it's not a love song

Love is a ...

logo flame small.png

How to support me

Besides commenting here :) you can support me too by adding the song to your playlists on Spotify. I have been working in rekindling my label "Yidneth" and this will be the first of several official releases this year. My little break had something to do with this, to reawaken my humble little label and pave the way for the new album to come :). So wish me luck and of course you're gonna know how it goes here too :)

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

So here a first "official" release of the year which is also on all digital stores and my Patreon so far, soon also on my site as digital download but for now if you want to support, please consider to:

Stream from SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/album/1cmzMt4nkPaLLnhdeF1laO

Download from ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flame-single/1455292889

Join my PATREON where it's listed as mp3 http://patreon.com/yidneth

Buy the download from my SHOP: https://priscillahernandez.com/shop

Videoclip Locations

flame atarceder arco  - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

The recording of the video actually spanned for two years as we didn't have enough wintry scenes and was put on hold but here it is. So there are some parts recorded before and then some recent ones filmed in December 2018, and February 2019. One of the main scenes takes place in one of my favourite tree, one I always call "A solitary tree yet not alone" when I visit. In its surroundings you can find also a cave and natural Arch of Portupekoleze in the Karst Urbasa Mountain Range, a Natural Park I adore.

Entrando a la cueva - by Hector Corcin.jpg

Cave and Natural Arch of Portupekoleze (1026 m)

The almost white rocks and the grass leads to a place to which you go without a trail and definitely is worth to wait until the stars drift upon you.


Above one of the filming days we waited until dark and played to take pictures with "light painting"

I love that place and have visited several times, in fact scenes in the video by the same tree belong to different days.

Close ups in the snow were filmed aslo in Navarra one Winter afternoon. And the mountains scenes were added recently being filmed in Zuriza earlier this year.

flame_stills_Priscilla_Hernandez (1).jpg

Above: Zuriza in Navarre, Spain, February 2019

The Ruins are Fort of Belate, standing vigilant but exposed to the elements on top of a hill with such a gorgeous view to Baztan valley and several mounts. This place was very important and is famous becuase of the Belate Battle in 1512, so due to its historical interest I may cover it in more depth in another post in the future. You know I love to write about ruins and abandoned places.


Final video was edited by myself and It is a simple one indeed. So I could represent the "Flame" I used a cloak that was handmade for me by Linda Blankenship. It's indeed a very heavy cloak of a very striking vibrant red. And that's why I opted for red as the main colour for the video, the flame, that keeps blazing despite the elements.

Priscilla Hernandez flame - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-4.jpg

Flame (Lyrics)

A solitary tree yet not alone - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

It's so cold when North wind blows
Bringing hail and pearls of frost
That's the way that you do chill me to the bone
Fear the dark when the moon hides
All its beams behind the clouds
That's the way I fear when you are not around
This could be hell, this could be heaven
It could be both it could be neither
But my heart longs to surrender
Not to starve again
Bitter in my chest
Could it be?
Could it be that
I am burning in the flames of love?
I am burning in the flames of love
Oh I am burning
Oh I burn
In the flame of love
But that's the way that you do chill me to the bone
But that's the way that you chill me...

flame_stills_Priscilla_Hernandez (19).jpg

Last year I shared an acoustic version (though different genre, pitch and all) but as a reminder it won @openmic back in the day and here is the original post . If you need a reminder to compare both versions here is the previous. So you can see how much it changed and how it shed its skin.

A solitary tree yet not alone - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com) - Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

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Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Lovely. The song is gorgeous, the costume luscious, and you, as always, are magnificent. As for love... oh, what a fiery, freezing, binding and freeing thing it can be.


Thanks so much, the cloak was the gift from a listener, a lovely fairy godmother many years ago. And yes, love is full of contradictions but what wouldn't we do for it?

Would also be fitting for a Movie soundtrack.. Great work!! Playlist it is .... Cheers from Canada


Thank you for the compliment, actually film music is my favourite genre, so I take that as encouragement

You and your partner are so accomplished at photography and videography! The song is superb and the scenery in your part of the world is exquisite! I am especially fascinated by that natural arch! Your red cloak is the perfect epitome of the archtype of "flame" and it is so striking next to the green and white scenes of the nature around you! Bravo for the song, the video, and showing us a slice of your life and world! It was so good to see you in PYPT again, and we are so happy to hear that you're okay, but have just been busy! 😊


thanks so much, Hector helped me a lot to film the scenes but last few videos have been for me an exercise and I edited them entirely myself, so kind of directed what I wanted and postproduced it as well, trying to learn, and he's teaching me. I know he's more skilled but I enjoy learning too. We´re very much a team for everything incuding the photoshoots, I'm trying to save for a drone for filming but then we can never afford! :(


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This is so hauntingly beautiful, as usual, @yidneth I really love it and the video is amazing! I don't have spotify, but I'll have @winstonalden put it on his playlist :)

I hope you had a good Easter, I saw that you haven't been feeling well, so I hope you are getting better.

I thought of you yesterday as when I was sketching I drew a little rat in the pocket of one of my witches :)


there still a lot of healing to do @donnadavisart but adjusting to things too. Trying to get back to freelance as an artist as conventional jobs might be out of my league for a while and I do need to play bills, but honestly people don't buy much music anymore... I have the third cd on my shelf, but I don't dare to crowdfund and spend money in something that might be stuck in boxes, I did very well with my first cd moons ago but now we live in a streaming era. Still this was a good exercise to dust cobweb off. Ohhh I want to see the little ratty.... sounds odd but someone tells me a ratty reminded me of me and I go all happy! :)


I know, the change in our culture through digital living is changing it for many of us @yidneth . Though in some ways it's been good for artists but it wont' last long. The more things become automated the more I worry about humanity over all. I wonder where it is all headed.

And in case you didn't make it to the drawing, here's the little bit with the 'pocket rat' ;)



I saw now your previous drawing about ratties, I changed my phone recently and it has not steemit logged in need a way to track mentions and such not to miss them :) I intend to be more around.


oh call it synchronicity I just saw your post like five minutes ago but I get to vote on the ratty once more! :) and that makes me happy, it's soooooo cute. Sigh, yes, live as an art...
I created a patreon recently http://patreon.com/yidneth still not much activity... trying to releae the third physical cd but knowing it will be at my own expense as people is not compromised to buy physical things anymore... I'm a bit kind of lost about how to become a freelancer artist again (and I was for ten years). Right now in my life, which requires lots of resting won't be able to face a normal job too long sadly so I need to find my "own way" to live back again!

  ·  작년

As with everything you do, magical creature... stunning.


Thank you Meno for listening and watching, I edited the thing myself and I'm kind of proud. I hope it shows why I take so long between posts hahahah XD sometimes, I confess this was a tough one to deliver. :) And those are some of our favourite hiking places :) so you can see the place we live. Greetings from this side of the pond, please hug @pechichemena and @ankapolo con my behalf... (a tight one also for you) Hugs

I just listened to your song on YouTube... it's a beautiful song. Love the lyrics.

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Thanks for the listen, I appreciate it, this took me a long time to be edited :)

Very much a movie score style IMHO, production, voice, and instrumentation is nice and works with the great cinematography.. I'd have to really focus to catch the lyrics as they are kind of carried away in the mix.. All in all pretty and relaxing, only major criticism would be the song just abruptly starts and then has little movement throughout as far as a single goes, but again perfect for cinema..

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Thank you so much, film music is indeed my favourite genre, though I think this piece is closer to folk, as most of the things I played for it (harp, flutes, dulcimer) are acoustic. It has a previous version in my first demo many years ago and the I kind of discarded the song a long time until I decided to give it a "formal" shape now. It is true beginning of the song is kind of abrupt (believe me start to sing without the time reference and hit it was like argghhh (hate it hahah) but I was respectful to the original structure (it was shorter, just added some more rounds in the end kind of instrumental part) It's one of my simplest songs, and it has not really that structure of verses or even chorus, just kind of a motif. I added the subtitles, I'm foreign so sometimes I can be more difficult to be understood, though hope you enjoyed it. :) Locations are all around my area, I HIKE a LOT lol HAHAHA BUT and that cloak is "heavy" lol lots of bloopers LOL

Love is wicked

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yet the things we do for love

Hermoso trabajo yidneth te comparto mi cariño. Buena vibra.

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Muchísimas gracias me alegra mucho que te guste 🐀🐀🐀🐀

Thanks for sharing on PYPT

That was exceptionally good. I didn't expect anything so professional.


I will take that as a compliment :) if you scroll back you will find plenty of videos :) It's what I do for living, music. Thanks so much.

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hmmmm pancakes!


You got the rarest cake! :D Yay! And I LOVE your video it's so beautiful, Pris! As always!! ♥♥♥ Luvvvvv youuu!


really? the rarest? ohh but there's plenty to share, grab some! I love you all the way back... and I'm not wearing green, it's a change right hahah ! :)

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