Five Star Entertainment presents : Weekly Bars #14 by @youngogmarqs : “Yes Indeed” Freestyle

4년 전

Weekly Bars #14

This week Yogi gets swifty over Lil Baby’s “Yes Indeed” instrumental. Spitting an array of witty punchlines and metaphors. 

The beat is bouncy enough for the clubs, yet still a bit gritty for the streets. Mesmorizing flute strings, sharp hitting percussion, and 808 kicks, for a mellow street banger produced by Wheezy.

I went bananas with the word play on this one. Drake is featured on the original song, I couldn’t get caught slacking on it. While having fun with it, like I always do, I ended the freestyle with a little comedic hook. 

I hope you all enjoy this edition of Weekly Bars.

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Stay blessed. 

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yes, upvote, and follow completed,
thanks for shareing the post dear

Hello happy to read you excellent friend style, I loved the video, since already following you count on my support.

thank you friend for your eyesight, and your support for a "better life"

Gracias por tu reciente apoyo. Claro que le doy mi voto (aún sin valor por los momentos). Y también le doy reestem

Nice bars. If you ever want to collaborate on a track you should hit me up. Much love.


@gjackson420 Checked out your soundcloud, ou got some dope shit. Different vibes/sounds/melodies... I need that!! We should work. Where you from?


I'm from Eugene, Oregon. I have a ton of hip-hop beats that's I'm in the process of producing and could use some rhymes to go on top of it. If you could post some accapellas of you laying down bars I can put it to one of my beats. Just make sure the audio is extremely clean and it will be dope.


Ok cool we can try that


Thanks brother for you unvote me

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