📢 New Name Announcement - MUSIC FOR STEEM🎵 - Contest For ALL MUSIC🎤

2년 전

Jihhaaa!! Only 4 days ago we announced that we will be organizing a WEEKLY contest For ALL Musicians and Singers. The contest stays as is and we are happy for so many responses. You still have time to participate!


MusicForSteem #musicforsteem

Why a change in the name?

  1. A name is just a name. We don´t want to use a name that already exists. (be creative)
  2. We do not want to be a copy of something that exists.
  3. We are open to ALL singers and musicians. No Steemian left behind <3
  4. We do not own the name Steemit and Open Mic.

The old Steemit #openmic was too much associated with the fact that you had to bring an instrument to the party. We like our contest to be open to everyone. In the future when more and more people join the contest, we will even have different categories and genres to compete in.
Stay Tuned

We hope with the decision to make many users and families happy around the world! Music means joy and happiness for many of us. Thank you.

Let´s sing - Let´s make music - Let´s @musicforsteem

Prizes for this week:


100% upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator02
60% upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator01
25 STEEM sponsored by @drugwars
10 STEEM sponsored by @steemingcurators


75% upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator02
40% upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator01
17 STEEM sponsored by @drugwars
7 STEEM sponsored by @steemingcurators


50% upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator02
20% upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator01
8 STEEM sponsored by @drugwars
5 STEEM sponsored by @steemingcurators



  1. Upload your video to dtube or Youtube saying: Music For Steem week #1 and your username
  2. You can upload original songs or covers
  3. Minimum one-minute duration
  4. The first tag must be #musicforsteem, #vdc and more of your preference
  5. The title of the post must start: MUSIC For STEEM contest week # 1 by @youruser
  6. Only one entry per participant
  7. Vote and comment at least three more participants to give love
  8. Upvote and re-post this post to make it more visible among the community

A proud collaboration between @steemingcurators and @vdc Venezuelan Dtubers Community.

Jury members wanted. If you can not sing or play music, we invite you to request the role of Jury member. At the moment we have 4 members of the community that will be Judge. You will score the songs based on a score card that we provide you. You NEED to be able to join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/6DD7U6z (steemingcurators)

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Excelente noticias, conocemos muchos músicos y cantantes que se sentirán atraídos por este concurso musical. Con su autorización vamos a traducir este post para la comunidad hispanohablante.

Gaborockstar separador de texto.png

Excellent news, we know many musicians and singers who will be attracted by this music contest. With your permission we will translate this post for the Spanish-speaking community.


Thank you so much @gaborockstar for you super valuable help! You are a rockstar! Yes SURE, nobody has to ask permission to translate our posts or ask if they are allowed to help us out! Muchisimas Gracias



@gaborockstar thank you for your support! Let's call all the rockstar to steem!


Thanks a lot buddy... kiss for you.

What attractive and fun contests, I like the fact that they are open for those who wish to be added as a jury, this really encourages you to feel comfortable to participate.


Thank you so much! If you like you can become a jury! Jury members earn a little bit of Steem every week for their efforts. I also love your editing style and the fact that you speak multiple languages. If you want, I got a job offer. I dm you!


It usually never happens, but you guys leave me speechless. It is so motivating to do things for this community and the responses are super rewarding. Thanks for all YOUR work, this is the least we can do. #musicforsteem
Thank you.


You are doing great work, thank you.


Thank you for the continuous support on the project we are happy and motivated🤩

it sounds so fantastic idea @steemingcurators and some Musicians and Singers need a little pushing to get more visibility. Good job.. You have all my support...


Thank you for your support! Everyone can be a rockstar on this contest, more music to the chain 😊


Thanks @edgarare1 for all your support! We hope to make many people happy with this! Let us bring music to the block!


it is very cool to hear about making people happy. Thats awesome @steemingcurators


Please don't spam links to non-related stuff on other peoples posts. This not done :) Thanks for you understanding! If we can help with guidance, let us know

  ·  2년 전

The Hispanic community @vdc ( Venezuelans Dtubers Conmunity ) welcomes you to this music contest and we are proud to collaborate and support this great initiative that unites all users through music. Welcome singers and instrumentalists to the house of the steem musicians #MusicForSteem. Upload your video to Dtube and Youtube and put the link in the participation post. For the Hispanic community VDC and their VDC discord.

La comunidad hispana @vdc ( Venezuelans Dtubers Conmunity ) les da la bienvenida a este concurso musical y nos sentimos orgulloso de poder colaborar y apoyar esta gran iniciativa que une a todos los usuarios a través del arte de la música. Bienvenidos cantantes e instrumentistas a la casa de los musicos de steem #MusicForSteem. Sube tu video a Dtube y Youtube y colócalo el enlace en el post de participación. Para la comunidad hispana VDC y su discordia VDC.

que genial , estare mas pendiente de esto gracias :D

Should I make another entry for this contest? the previous one is not valid ???
Why wouldn't I have a problem doing it, really.


No @julialunar! Your entry for this week is super valid and you do NOT need to make a new entry for this week! Hopefully, you join next week too. If you do, please just say: Music For Steem Week 2, we are starting from scratch! Thank you! Muchisimas Gracias! #musicforsteem


Looking forward to your next entry too @juliolunar 😊

New label.. sounds good. Be different! :)

Excellent initiative. I send on Twitter!


Awesome and thanks a lot!

Great... This blog helps me to motivate that still working on steemit...

Until how old will it be that one can learn to sing? I hope that after 33 I am not too late jajajaja,


@hendersonp never stop learning and no age to limit what we want to learn 😊


If you haven't started singing yet, you likely will not become the next Frank Sinatra, but hey you never know! Goodluck!

Dear @steemingcurators:
What is the deadline to participate both singing and writing?

Resteem Already.


The promotion for the contest is open the entire time. You can also make other promotional stuff if you can think of any! The deadline for the music contest is in 24 hours!


The promotion for the contest is open the entire time...

It's great news!

The deadline for the music contest is in 24 hours!

OMG! I must hurry if I want to enter this round!

Thanks you very much.

Great idea!!!! I will be able to do something on the weekend


We can NOT wait! Thank you so much for participating!


sir two question..

  • 1 If we sing a song with any language it will be approved?
  • 2 if we sing a song with audio voice and edit with my picture or just upload audio it will approved?


  1. Yes
  2. No :) You need to make a video about yourself singing! No playback and no audio clips! Cheers

¿Las participaciones del concurso, dónde deben colocarse, dentro de esta publicación o en otra? Quisiera que me aclaren esa duda... Gracias por la iniciativa y por querer dar amor a los usuarios de steemit... Exito para todos...


Hola y gracias por tu interés. Puede colocarlo en cualquier publicación de @steemingcurators. ¡Esperamos su presentación! #musicforsteem. Muchísima gracias


Pienso que todos debemos postear la publicación principal para darle promoción... Y así ayudar a generar el mayor numero de participantes...

  ·  2년 전

Hola Daniel sugerimos colocar las participaciones del a comunidad hispana en el post de VDC, igual con la etiqueta #musicforsteem los curadores las estarán revisando.

This is real good, its like @steemingcurators is coming up with new innovations on daily basis. this is awesome.


Thanks for being so active on Steemit! Remember if you make new things for us, the new name is Music For Steem #musicforsteem. We are trying at least to be as active and innovative as possible.
Sometimes we come up with things, try it, and if it doesn't work as hoped, we change and adapt to the new situation. It is with trial and error you become a better self of yourself every day.
Don´t be afraid to try things out, and if you got ideas, just do it. Fail, improve, success, repeat, success,.. Thanks and we hope you are all good!


Thanks for the love and care you always show.. i am already working on the new name... we become the better version of ourselves everyday as we intend to evolve.


@adesojisouljay thanks for your encouraging words and support 😊


Thanks you too for being awesome. 'That was a whole summary of my entire last post'

Thanks for encouraging too

I don't know how to sing but maybe i could make some graphics or a short video for #musicforsteem to participate in this weekly challenge? @steemingcurators


Don't worry, you are not the only one. We have other strengths. :) Yes go for it! We are looking forward to your graphics! Thanks!!


I'm not good at singing too but good at listening to them 😎, go for whatever you're good at 😃

here's my entry... Thanks for making me have fun and playing one of my songs that I haven't played for some time

shared on twitter:

Nice way to engage the steem platform!



@steemingcurators Hi there, just a quick question for this music4steem contest.

Does the music must be in English language, or it's open up for all kind of languages?

Muchas gracias~


No it can be in Spanish too :D Gracias! Or in basically any language, I see you are Chinese! Would be AWESOME to hear you sing!

Let’s get it 🏄🏄🏿‍♂️🏄🏄‍♂️


Wow It's Very Nice, But I ting you guys need more and attractive or stylish look for that visit or #snmenstyle thank you



Please refrain yourself from spamming with multiple accounts. I will downvote if you do not listen to my multiple warnings.


what you means multiple account I have one and only account