Earn Tokens While Listening To Musics (Bitrad.io)

5년 전

At Bitrad.io, users can listen to their favorite radio station while browsing the web, stream music on their smartphone and earn token while doing so. The native currency is called BRO. Isn't this amazing?


I believe music is the language of the soul and equally, a universal language.
I start my day with some musics and end the day, listening to some music.
You know what Bob Marley said... "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain".
I can't go a day without listening to some musics.
I might have listened to every genre, which is out there depending on the occasion and the mood.
I supposed many people can relate to that.
I am glad Bitrad.io is here and with it.
I can earn passively tokens while doing one of those activities I enjoy doing everyday.

I hope you find one of you favorite channels there.
You should definitely, check them out.


If you decide to sign-up, I will appreciate if you use my referral link: http://bitrad.io/?ref=7448

I hope you feel no pain there.
Happy earning and thanks for reading.


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pretty cool


you are welcome. i hope it hits you and you feel no pain :)

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I will give it a try and give some review to community

Very nice. i will give it a look.