7-Day Wayback Music Challenge: Day 3 - Kino (The legend of Russian rock number one), Kukushka (The Cuckoo)

3년 전

Today is the third day of the Music Challenge. I continue to thank @eliakon for the opportunity to delve into my memories. Today I will present you a very strong song. This song was written by Viktor Tsoi - the soloist and songwriter of the "Kino (Cinema) group". He wrote this song in 1990 a few months before his death. In the days of my youth, everyone who played the guitar knew this song. My friend - a classmate loved this song very much and at every party, we sang this song. In recent years, this song has returned to popularity, this song is performed in films, this song is sung by pop stars and children at music competitions. And for me, this song is connected with sad memories, because my friend died in his car when we were 20 years old.
The song carries a very strong meaning. I found one of the first options in the youtube.

Perhaps this option will not be very interesting for you, but Viktor Tsoy is a legend, believe me.

But this is another version of this song, which made my heart beat a little faster.

Perhaps because my grandparents gave their youth to this accursed war.

I decided that I will not nominate anyone. Today there are so many participants that you can get the appointment a second time. If someone wants to join, then I will be glad that this person made such a decision after reading this message!

The rules:

-Choose one song from your high-school/college years.
-Write a few words about who made you listen to this song for the first time, what this song means to you (was it a breakup song? you blasted it at 100% on your audio system when you were partying with your friends?) whatever you want.
-Write your text while listening to the song. As soon as the song ends, wrap up what you where writing and submit it.
-Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated.
-Mention one person who should do this on each day.

Tag it with #musicwaybackchallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post.
Thank you @eliakon for the nomination! 😊 I am sure that I will feel the whole meaning of this adventure on the seventh day!

Thank you for your time! Take care of yourself.

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