7-Day Wayback Music Challenge: Day 4 - Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender

3년 전

Today is the fourth day of the Musical Challenge. Today I for some reason remembered Elvis and his famous song "Love Me Tender". It's a beautiful song. Everyone has heard this song at least once in their lives. I know this song very well. I remember this song so well that even if I drink, and then wake up at night, I can play this melody and sing this song. The fact is that in my student years I was an active participant in the English club at my university. We held holidays on Halloween and Catholic Christmas, we met foreign students who came to us for exchange from the USA and Europe, I took part in theatrical productions. And everywhere I was asked to sing this song because this song was liked by the head of the English language department at my university. During my student years, I sang this song at least 200 times. For this reason, you can understand how much I "LOVE" this song. These are the memories that I have for this song. But it's more of a stereotype because I love Elvis's songs. This year on March 8 I sang "I can't help falling in love with you". 😊

I decided that I will not nominate anyone. Today there are so many participants that you can get the appointment a second time. If someone wants to join, then I will be glad that this person made such a decision after reading this message!

The rules:

-Choose one song from your high-school/college years.
-Write a few words about who made you listen to this song for the first time, what this song means to you (was it a breakup song? you blasted it at 100% on your audio system when you were partying with your friends?) whatever you want.
-Write your text while listening to the song. As soon as the song ends, wrap up what you where writing and submit it.
-Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated.
-Mention one person who should do this on each day.

Tag it with #musicwaybackchallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post.
Thank you @eliakon for the nomination! 😊 I am sure that I will feel the whole meaning of this adventure on the seventh day!

Thank you for your time! Take care of yourself.

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