How does a young man know that he is ready for a [romantic] relationship?

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Not when his hormones start to sing love songs in his head and he feels butterfly in his stomach when he hears the voice of that special someone. A man is ready for a romantic relationship when he's ready to sign up for the responsibility that comes with it.

Relationship comes with a whole lot of baggage of responsibilities, ranging from emotional to mental, physical and even material. If you Want to know if you're ready for a romantic relationship, then answer these simple questions:

1. How emotionally mature are you? Can you take the weight of another persons emotional stress? Can you cope with the mood swings that ladies have often without a cause? Would your ego be smashed if she decided not to respond to your call or messages. Answer these questions honestly to yourself.

2. Finance. How financially stable are you? Can you cope with the demands of a girlfriend or wife? Don't expect her not to ask. If she doesn't ask, common sense is supposed to teach you to give to her. For God so loved the world that he gave....there's no true love without giving. It doesn't have to be expensive gifts but there could be times she needs financial support, it would be embarrassing to ask her to go to her dad, mum or even someone else for petty stuffs you ought to be able to fix without raising a brow. You may need to get a job first if you don't have one.


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3. Mental maturity. Everyone wants to have intelligent conversation with someone else. People want to relate with those with whom they function at the same frequency. Are you sure you will be able to give that? Can you engage her in an intelligent conversation? Most ladies want to be with guys who can challenge them mentally to be better than they already are. Are you that guy?.

4. Spiritual level of maturity is also very important. If you don't want to keep having conflicting views and opinions about God, it's important that you both are at par spiritually. That you see God same way and worship same way.

For two to walk together, there should be some degree of agreement at all levels. Your answer to my questions above should help you know whether or not you're ready for a romantic affair yet or if you might just have to hold on a bit before launching your net.

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I guess now am ready lol.


Hahahaha! That's good. There's a mermaid fishing festival at sin2 Abuja. Go get your net ready @ninoh22. Thanks for stopping by dear friend.


Do you have someone special you want to arrange... Lol

You hit the nail on the head! When I saw the question, I first thought you would fault a bit as the question is basically addressed to males, but behold, you made all the necessary points stand out. And I agree totally with your logic!


Awwwwwwwn! Sweets, thanks very much.

I don't completely agree with your no. 2 point.

Financial support should be both ways... Hope you know that...

Not every time the Man will be providing..


Of course yes. All forms of support should be reciprocated. It takes two to tango. I dont want to be less of what i want from another person @samyexcool. Here, We're looking at an angle from the male's perspective. Thanks dear for stopping by.


Okay... Clear throat 😋


Lol. See you.😆

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