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Good morning .... I want to teach us on the flavours I use for zobo,pineapple and lemonade drinks 20180106_141028.jpgand so many people don't know what's lemongrass

-The liquid ones are (banana,strawberry,pineapple,lemon and coconut.... Same thing as the powdered ones but in the pictures (I have just two at home(pineapple n banana).

-I use lemon flavours for lemonade drinks.
-I use banana,pineapple n coconut flavours for my pineapple drinks.
-I use strawberry and a little coconut for my Zobo drinks.

For the powdered flavours, u dilute it in a small cup before pouring it into your drinks.

-Lemon grass has an aroma and has a lot of nutritional value and health benefits.... It can't be substituted with lemon....

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Nice post dear, zobo is a good drink but people don't know. Thanks for this wonderful post.


You are welcome