Evolving List of @beaniesanders' Alt Accounts

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Evolving List of @beaniesanders' Alt Accounts Below

I Mute Them

If you don't let his lame downvotes bother you, and you mute his bots...
He ceases to exist. Just like that.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 12.08.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 12.09.05 PM.png

EDIT: After a flood of spam and microflags from @beaniesanders on my recent posts, we now have an even larger list of accounts you can mute for your #Steemit enjoyment.

Thank you @onnovocks, who commented on this post:

Here is the list in case someone has the time to mute all of the ones I found so far:


This list does not include the accounts he usually uses for selfie votes and flags, but I think I can safely assume that you are familiar with those.

Thank you, we know a few of those accounts @onnovocks ... here they are:


We will keep updating this list (sadly)


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This is coming from someone who posts or comments about me daily. Take your own advice @lyndsaybowes. Ratchet old twat.


Ratchet old twat. - Lil' Beanie 2019

Screen Shot 20190118 at 12.16.28 PM.png


I have been avoiding you like the plague and you know it. You lost your mind when I blocked you on Discord and have since been crying out for my attention. <3 You have some now <3 I know it is filling your heart with joy that I have finally decided to talk to you again my sweet Beanie.


You should give that attention to your retarded kids, they could use it.


You think different thoughts from Beanie
Beanie say mean things to you so bad thoughts woman go away


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I was not even on Steem a month and the Cyber Bully downvoted one of mine. He was my first "MUTE"..... LOL

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Definitely keep your eye on @freezepeach...good things are coming.

A few more. Enjoy ;)

@bloom is not one of bernie's alts.


Bloom isn't bernie. He's just a guy who flags garbage like anti vax posts, holocaust denial posts, calling politicians you don't like blood drinking satanists etc. He also upvotes people who flag that shit including bernie. There is no one who makes this this less pesonal than Bloom, don't post anti science crap and you won't get another flag from him.


Thanks! I'll take him off the list. I never got a flag from him as I don't post anything of that nature, but I do try to read all perspectives, and that's where I saw Bloom show up more than once, including in the mix of some of bernie's revenge flagging campaigns. Thank you for your time. Cheers!


They flag in tandem constantly. If they're not the same account, they sure don't act like it. Must spend a lot of time on the phone chatting lol.


Lol, I certainly don't have the time to try to track and trace all of it, but at this time I have no reason to question @viraldrome either.

I do think however, that bernie is collaborating with others as he himself has hinted to in the past. Your suggestion of phone chats may well be on point :)


So, who you flaggin' today?


Me? No plans so far.

It's a beautiful thing!



...people over tyranny

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