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Friendship or friendship is a term that describes the behavior of cooperation and mutual support between two or more social entities. This article focuses on a distinctive understanding of interpersonal relationships. In this sense, the term "friendship" describes a relationship involving knowledge, appreciation and affection. Friends will welcome the presence of each other and show loyalty to one another, often up to altruism. their tastes are usually similar and may meet each other, and they enjoy the activities they like. They will also engage in helpful behavior, such as exchanging counsel and helping each other in difficulty. Companions are people who exhibit behavior that is retaliated and reflective. But for many people, friendship is often no more than a belief that someone or something will not harm or hurt them.

The value of friendship is often what happens when a friend shows consistently:

the tendency to want what is best for each other.
sympathy and empathy.
honesty, perhaps in difficult circumstances for others to speak the truth.
mutual understanding.
Often there is the assumption that true friends are able to express the deepest feelings, which may not be expressed, except in very difficult circumstances, when they come to help. Compared to personal relationships, friendships are considered closer than acquaintances, though in friendships or relationships there are different levels of intimacy. For many people, friendships and contact relationships exist within the same continuum.

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