Combing Bobi - MyAnimalPhotography - 13.02.2020 DailyPetPhotography Day 769

2개월 전

Bobi says when the combing is done,

and just to make sure, he sits on the comb.

Fine, Bobi. You can relax.

Relax? With a camera looming?

Just when he moved to his favorite new spot, the weighted blanket

Don't snap!

She never listens

#MyAnimalPhotography initiated by @eii

@kona on @dpet under tag #dailypetphotography

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I love Bobbie the Bad. Why do you call him bad?
I finally got my feral cat inside. He gets along with my other cat, at least there's been no harm other than hissing so far, and I'm able to keep my dog from harassing Freddie the Feral (and boy is he feral), but the real problem with bringing him in is that my resident cat Patches is taking her anxiety about Freddie out on my poor dachshund Jimmy. I did not see that coming.


Freddie the Feral!

(and boy is he feral) - LOL! And his presence causes the cat to abuse the dog to relieve her anxiety about FREDDIE - there are stories to exploit here! (Children's book?)
Um, because of you and @manorvillemike and @grapthar, and others, I actually did not refer to Bobi as The BAD this time. You saw it because you expected to see it. No, wait: you saw it in the photo! The pictures don't lie! Bwa ha ha ha!!!!


I think Bobi the bonny has a nice ring to it.


Bobi the Bonny!! LOL, are you Scotch? A wee bonny lad, ay?
Bobi the cat loaf is crouched over the heat vent now, looking like a roast duckling. A bonny wee lad, indeed, is he.
No wonder he tries so hard to look bad! With two huge carnivorous collies lurking 24/7!


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Yummie! Thank you @solominer - nice to know it wasn't a bot curating this one!

Bobbi the Bad is hilarious and he looks like he has a mind of his own. Gotta love him.

I have one affectionate cat, Sunday, that would let me comb it’s fur all day while the other one, Red, lets me know, In no uncertain terms, when he has had enough.


For lacking words, they do know how to communicate!
Red sounds like Bobi. :) A character, I'm sure. I hope my next cat is more like Sunday.

Such a cute cat. He doesn't look bad at all! 😁


Trick photography - or a cat trick - if they didn't look cute, we'd never let them into our homes the way we do. :)

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I intended that token to go to you, @kona, but thank you!


assuming I now what I'm talking about here... a token in support of Australia's wildlife in the aftermath of the the fire....

He's the smartest cat in the house....