How a novice can join the ICO through MyEtherWallet

3년 전

Investing in the highest return on cryptocurrencies must have been ICO, and even today, for many of Altcoins' less than satisfactory performance, every popular ICO today has a very good performance on the shelves such as ArcBlock, Nucleus Vision and Oracles Network After several times also rose several times. So what do you know do not understand the white circle how to participate in ICO it? The Ethereum address of the exchange can not be used to participate in the ICO, you need to have your own Ethereum address, and the easiest way is to get an Ethereum address through . First enter your password, get your address after the proper storage of your Keystore File or private key on it, remember to save every kind of information you need, or see the financial and water. As long as you have your own Ethereum address, you can join each ICO and receive their tokens in the wallet, which is not very complicated. Now a lot of good ICO need to apply for a whitelist to participate, but also soon was robbed of light, it is best to vote if you remember to prepare the relevant documents to do KYC.

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