Needs and desires

3년 전

I like long nails like. Bought in cosmetic products, nail polish. Nail polish nails long considered the child on the face of the track I was everywhere at any time without makeup correctly. Long nails Nail polish kids always. So school children cut a nail clipper hygiene at all times to face hot. Want to nail length and nail disciples' hands were clean in the sense of getting my nails long, you just can not escape the rules.
I love so long nails, beautiful one day the windows and the door was pushed open without mishap nails long stern flip over if the blood being away when Alan balls to nail a nail clipper and cut down a large quail when I see the remaining finger ugly. So the other four fingers to cut the nails evenly erase the children go after it again. Nail polish.
At first, the length always in mind the absence of a long nail, but a lot of good stuff out. Rice hand trying Contributes to Global Warming. Goods transport carrying personal items can no longer wash wash clothes stalk nails are getting harassed. Work on it. Nail grime in and dirty, and there are no short hot tall order. Dad and Mom is no longer pressing the 'usual nail depth is just getting comfortable floor. Nail polish no longer insist that save time and money a clean white nails evenly child. Oh, do things that I was not as essential frontline Ping Pan sea level.

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