They come to read

3년 전

Not a lack of people. There is time. Laugh when the time to watch TV. facebook when I was out. I read a book a day for 10 minutes because I was a writer. 'We have only one childhood reading Entertaiment. There was no TV to watch. There is no card to listen to music. The Facebook had not heard yet. Facebook is covered, how many people go to him, because the focus often reached. She's got to go the toilet. He would hand bed. I woke up to face him. His driving her motorcycle at a red traffic light, I have children, I rubbed her eyes. I see friends Nobody feel free to see him myself. The girlfriend said words now that Facebook has become. Indeed. Really nylon cover people at Facebook. Age followers stream currents late in life I want to be careful.
If you thought life no longer seems. I thought life irregular. I thought Han Han loss Maybe it's not huge. Despair giving the world and those who can not read. That's a lot of bad ones, those who carefully read. Read the world a little bit more understanding.
Doing what adults do. Already read.
Doing what young people do. Already read.
What writers. Already read.
What lawmakers. Already read.
What leaders frequently requires individuals. Already read.
All who live in the time to read a book on line immediately after closing, let's read about.

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