Verification Post to the Super 8 Ball Club

3년 전

Hello all of my Steemit Friends!
How are you?
I have known about the Super 8 Ball club at last three weeks. That was so popular in my group.
But I didn’t know how to register about that.I feel so interested about that.Thus I enquired @domelay how to play and register about that.He explained me.And he shared me the one of Super 8 Ball application link.He said me, “you will take a selfie with your Steemit User name and Game tracking name to verify your account.”My super 8 ball account name is "theinzawlin".I believe that @Super8ball will help me.
Therefore, I post this to verifiy my account.I hope that will be ok.

Writter @theinzawlin
MSC - 128

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ဟုတ္တယ္ အစ္မ

ရရင္ေျပာ ခ်ိန္းေဆာ့ရေအာင္😁😁😂😂


ဟုတ္ ကိုလြမ္း

  ·  3년 전

အလဲ့ kt က လူေခ်ာဗ်ာ႔ မုန္႔ဝယ္ေကြၽး😊😊


ေကြ်းမယ္ မမ

I want to see you win.


thanks bro

Yes,you must be verify for your game account.And then you need to win to get rewards.


Thanks bro,I will try

Hi @theinzawlin

Your account is now verified. Please click on "Switch Account" and repeat the login process again.

You can join us on discord to be able to quickly find your opponents and play with each other. We will be sharing quick updates on our discord channel as well.

Here's an invitation link for you:

Thank you!