@artwatch you're drunk! Go home, but before you do....!!flash!!

3년 전

Today has been another heavy day.
(summer reading)

The sea was windy and wavy and the beach was a bit too rough.

I was trying to cope with it.
the wind messed up my hair, what a tragedy!

Then, between "The life of Pi" and a sudoku, I fell into the temptation of participating to the most sexy contest on steemit here
I had to photograph my nipple with a sign of the day.
Well, here you go baby.
Happy birthday @artwatch: this is my FREE NIPPLE blog post for you.
I hope you and the entire steemit community would like it.

They were a bit squeezed by my bikini, in the rush to cover up by the sand and the wind sticking to my skin.

The left one is the most shy.

Show me your love, babies, or just drop your thoughts about chests, do you like it more than asses or you don't care at all?

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Hooray! Free dem nips!


Rebel & free baby


I took my time to come with this comment.

nice tits I mean nipples


Very mindful comment. Cheers.

  ·  3년 전

Damn.. those nipples gave me a Bonner .. wait what I am just surfing for quality content how did i end up here 😀 you pretty hot .. can we expect more of these upcoming days ? Huhu ? You earned follower...

Am all grown up and still fascinated by nipples.
Btw ... my right one is the shyest of them both.


Shut up and show me!


My most recent post, 2nd pic.

I would grab them, slap them and manipulate them so hard...:D
Crackers san.
Thanks for sharing them :D


Dude, you should participate to the contest too!


You have tempted me :)


You still have time to edit them nips with a date. I am interested in them anyways ha ha.

Cough sorry back again... Just going over the entry again making sure all the ts are crossed. Yep ...Yeeeeep everything is looking good here. Yep😊😚

I might have to recheck later to make sure...


AHAHAHAH I didn't expect such a reaction!


because boobs ha ha

Well Good Damn!! Holy shit! Best wake up booby ever. This is why you all keep me around, cause I make beautiful things like this a possibility. This is all types of levels of hot sadrina. You have some very lovely nipples. Very suckable if that isn't too inappropriate to say.

If I where a man I would need to sit down for a bit.🤩😘😍


You just said my damn mind, I'm man, I wouldn't mind having a taste of em 😀😀😀😀😀

  ·  3년 전

Seriously i was imagine take two drops of honey and apply them on each nippls gently and then taste those pinky nips... Oh wait am i speaking out my mind ? Sorry...😋

Scrolling down, scrolling down, scrolling down... woooohoooo!


Oh well! What can you do? ;)

Yes, generally love the front more.

I was wondering why I saw NSFW below your name. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of a nip slip from time to time. Happy days on the beach. :)


Happy happy!


I nominated you for a music challenge. Check my feed :)

Your entry has inspired me to join the contest. Though I fear seeing me 'in the real' could not even compare to your lovely countenance. So...we shall see what transpires. I hope you are surviving the TOUGH conditions you find yourself in these days. I know it's hard, but persevere on, as best you may.

As for your questions, I am fascinated with all parts la' femm, so as not to make any bits feel left out. The female form is ALL about fine art.


Glad to have inspired you!
It has ben very windy these days, so I can't bath in the sea, just walk on the seashore.

Agreed with you, even if I am 100% heterosexual, I find female body more voluptuous and meeting my standards of aesthetic than the one of a male.

Please remember guys, please try not to say "dem nice titties" or other such stuff. Sandrina is doing this for a very laudable reasons. I will admit, I got charged up too but there is a bigger reason i think to this contest.

The question I have been asking to myself is there is a reason why women protect their chests as it can be a red rag to a bull. However then I think in the Philippines, the tribal areas nobody gave a crap about it before colonialism and Western values coming in, there are other examples too . We have been socialised to think in such a way by upbringing. There is an interesting debate here!

I am sure that many progressive feminists out there who can point me to interesting articles on such stuff, I welcome that.

This contest has actually forced me to think, so, thank you @artwatch

Whether I will release my titties is an open question. I have big areola for a guy.


I will copy what I wrote in the other post.
Hey! I love this contest because is hilarious and free of judgement. A nipple could have been an ankle in the XVI, as you wrote!
Honestly I don't see anything bad in showing nipples.
Man can do that, so can we. I hate bras and wouldn’t mind walking around with no top at all, so well done! Nothing to be ashamed about.
That's exactly what I wanted to show with my entry: freedom with my body and with myself, out of the judgement of society.
Sadly, this type of contest attract the wrong attention and the type of comments that don't really make me proud, but then...what was I expecting?
It's not a very big deal, however I don't want to sell myself like that on steemit and I don't want to pass the wrong message!
@artwatch, I think you had a great idea, that I support 100%!

What a beach body! Nice nipples but I'm excited by that navel too.

Did you remember to put on sunscreen? It's important to protect your natural resources!


Of course! I'm very pale and I always use maximum protection (the one for the kid)
More intellectual beach time here, if you are bored on the way in the train :)


Good to hear you're taking care of your skin. My mother has to have pre-cancerous growths burned off twice a year and her father died of a melanoma in this 30s. So I worry!

I worked with a woman from New Jersey who would come in to work all orange from the tanning beds. I asked her, "why are you doing this to yourself? I think you look beautiful with pale skin."

And she said, "Maybe if you were single I'd give a shit what you thought."


I have a cousin with a melanoma and I have a lot of moles, so I do worry too.
The story of that woman is hilarious.
I have 2 uncles in New Jersey. They are 100% Sicilians migrated there 40 years ago, now American citizens, Republicans, made 11 children who are grown up and don't speak Italian anymore, but they are married with other Italian descendants.
In 2010 I visited them for 2 months (yes, I came all the way to America to go to New Jersey!?!) and everybody was eating delicious authentic Italian food.
I was involved in the Baptism of a newborn and the hall was full of exactly the type of people who would tan and wear this type of hat.
I figured out the reaon Jersey Show is a thing there.

Goodness me, pink squeakers!!! Awesome :0)

Things are still looking on the level here - Just being thorough, the prize pool for this contest has increased quite a bit. And I think we can all admit this is a hard post to beat. SO I think oiling down to the next contestant is in order perhaps.... @dan-atstarlite have you been hitting the gym? Pretty sure all the cryptobabes want a shirtless @steembirds video.

Gorgeous, you are. And those nipples, dainty, petite, well-defined ... they're to die for. Thank you for sharing of yourself. This is what I love most on steemit, the authentic, attractive, empowered ladies.
Hugs to you, my dear,
science fiction, fantasy, erotica

nice pictures; lovely.

slippage of nippage, lol, don't poke anyone's eye out ;)

The bigger the better


OH MY GOD! Thank you for ever! Not even in 1 month I can earn that much. That's insane!!
Did I already say thank you???


You and your mother earned it haha. Dem some nice titties haha😜. But seriously thank you for following all the rules. I swear that people can't read. So I think nipples that can read real good also deserve all the upvotes. Remember me when you're Steemit famous.


Yes, I have noticed people have problems reading and observing rules.
Why?? I don't get it. Is it luck of focus?
You don't need a master degree for that.

Show me your love, babies, or just drop your thoughts about chests, do you like it more than asses or you don't care at all?

After decades of addiction to hardcore pornography, I have become desensitized to the sight of exposed people parts.

Dems some nice titties.