Mycro With Its Visionary Ethereum Based Platform For Connecting Job Seekers To Employer!

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The Global economy is not in good shape and there are lots of situation of unemployment. A reliable solution has been made to eradicate this problem of unemployment and financial constraint. Mycro Platform is the first blockchain based Project to use Blockchain technology in other to eradicate unemployment in the Global economy.The Platform was founded to eradicate the increasing financial problem emanated as a result of massive unemployment .Mycro Platform specialized in merging the job seeker and employer through a decentralized Blockchain system .

Mycro aims to create a sustainable innovative solution for the people with time and financial difficulty, thereby tokenizing the imbalance between both time and money..In addition, the Platform will play a major decentralized P2P role through a user friendly dedicated mobile app. Short term job can be posted on the mycro network free of charge.
What is MYCRO????

MYCRO is an intuitive mobile application that you can use. Simple short-term tasks can be placed directly on the MYCRO network for free. MYCRO uses intelligent and self-learning algorithms that are known on dating platforms to match these tasks with job seekers on time. He works. One gets time, the other gets money.

Mycro's success is based on intuitive usability. The need for job seekers and job seekers must be fulfilled quickly and simply. This happens by matching the right job seekers with the right job seekers. After that, both parties reached their goals. Daily needs are good for job seekers. Interesting and tempting work for job seekers.


Mycro offers instant payment functionalities, by making sure users earn their income whenever they complete a task. This is done with the help of blockchian technology.

Mycro has been in existence for years, with a reliable team that has a lot of experience in blockchian technology thus, they will offer seamless services to their user's in order to ensure everyone benefits from the platform.

Mycro also provides online Services which includes; Online survey's, administrative service , assistance services , and so many others.

Mycro also provides delivery services to its users such as ; transportation services, shipping services, courier services and so many others.

Mycro provides Home services which includes; Gardening, cleaning , general home cleaning, etc.

How does it work

Mycro's most crucial difference emerges at this point. The application keeps the properties of the employer and employee in an enormous database. Moreover, this database is enriched by the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology, thanks to intelligent algorithms, the result of self-learning software sends precisely what you are looking for to the client who is looking for you. And the perfect match is happening. The whole thing starts with the fact that the employer has the right to enter his / her preferences about what kind of employee he/she is looking for, and that his / her talent, his / her job skills, and his / her previous work experience are introduced to the database. The smart app processes your past business preferences and accomplishments and creates your exact profile. And the result is precisely what you want. For the employer, it also sorts according to the preferences specified and lists the appropriate elements for you starting with the Most Accurate Matching.

Why invest in Mycro?

Gig economy

One of the fastest growing part of the global labour market. Today, 200 million people are involved – this number is expected to increase to one billion in the next few years.

Great value for society:

The team with its own experience in all the fields and vision, also with various big partnerships will be able to give people back control of their time and money while improving so many people's lives

Decentralized system

The team has created such a smart contract software architecture on the blockchain in order to realize the vision of a completely decentralized system.

Brilliant team

As I've already said the Mycro team has been put together with a vast experienced team, people from all walk of the life with a plenty of technological experience, job, funding experience which also consist some of the known software and blockchain developers from around the world. Thus, it will make them a compact on identifying both blockchain and real life problems and its solution.

Token Details

Name: MYO
Technology: ERC-20
Token type: Utility token
Token supply: 100,000,000 MYO
Token ICO: 66,000,000 MYO
ICO price: €0,25
Soft cap: €1.500.000
Hard cap: €14.000.000
Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC, Bank Transfer (EUR, CHF), Credit card


For more information, you can visit Mycro's official site and read their whitepaper. The links can be found below.

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