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Is it a great urge or intrinsic intrigue of the love of decentralisation? Or is it a call to cryptocurrency enthusiasts to realise the benefits of the integration of decentralisation and gaming on a blockchain.

My Crypto Heroes is a sensational RPG game based on the revival of historic figures such as Albert Einstein to come back to the present just like bringing back Jesus Christ. The main theme of the game is to conquer the crypto world by collecting collectibles/ investments through training and using great heroes from history. The quests are categorised under Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each quest consists of Nodes and each node has different Extensions(equipment), Monsters and Loot. Before the quest, each player is offered the option to chose their team. Each team consists of 3 default heroes ( the main characters) who are arranged in a given specific order i.e:

  1. MCH Tactician,
  2. MCH Artist
  3. MCH Warrior.

Afterwards, players have to purchase extra heroes who are both on-chain and off-chain using the native currency GUM, which are ERC-721 tokens native to the game in order to help them accomplish the more difficult stages. According to the game settings, these heroes cannot switch to either side i.e; from off-chain to on-chain. Apart from the free heroes provided by MCH, atleast each extra hero costs 5000 GUM which is approximately 0.5 ETH or around US$88

My experience

I rate MCH 3star, I realised playing MCH a frustrating experience. First of all, the only option to acquire heroes itself, is literally expensive since the only way to trade your heroes is to sell them to another player interested in playing MCH though I was provided with a free hero Sun Shangxiang who was not appealing enough to the level. More so novice players are liable to loose there achievements if they signed up with a google account instead of an Ethereum wallet and will be considered loose money.
Adding to that, as any gamer understands that strategy is one of the keys to winning any game, for MCH its a nightmare. There is no way to switch heroes for strategy purposes but only to use them as preassigned.

Despite of all these nightmares, MCH is a futuristic game and has a nice plot and I guess it is in its early stages of development. I am hopeful to seeing a better version in the future.

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