Red Roses - This is my entry for the daily color challenge by @eii - WednesdayRed

11개월 전

Red Roses

Red Sparkling Roses

Roses are commonly used to give for your special someone. This Rose symbolize the blood and the heart, which means you offer your heart into your special someone.
If you give this kind of flower to your special someone, they might think that you show your love and care to him or her.

This is my entry for the #MyDailyColor Contest run by @eii which is WednesdayRed
January 16, 2018 - Wednesday
For more information about the contest you can visit the page of ma'am @eii to join the contest.
Thanks for passing by!

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Congratulations @razel!
You are welcome to MyDailyColor Challenge.

Just to mention the rules of MyDailyColor Challenge are super ordinary:

  1. Use only your original photos!
  2. Use the tag #MyDailyColor
  3. The title of your post must include MyDailyColor

Please observe them. Good luck.

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