Happy Birthday Good Monoma!

2년 전

Alongside my birthday, it's also the birthday of my My Hero Academia OC do Jado! #notaselfinsert 

He's celebrating with his 3 good friends of his quad....in the timeline where he exists! In crappy chibi form!

This is gonna sound pretty cringe, but when I watch My Hero nowadays I always imagine my oc in the midst of action with all the characters! Why? Because I can.;P (there's definitely something wrong with me)

It's only a matter of time before I have a conversation about My Hero with someone and bring up Jado and they're like,"wtf you talking about?O.o" X'DDDD

My Hero Academia © Kōhei Horikoshi

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*Whoops! Turns out his birthday is actually the 29th! ...You know, I've been meaning to update his bio anyways. Screw it, his birthday is now the 26th!

Always check thrice, kids.