#MYLANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Share your best landscape shot at sunset!!

4년 전


Hello everyone,

I've been thinking about it for some time and today I decided to do this photo contest !!!

It's a landscape photography contest!! :D


Participants must use their own photos taken with smartphone, analog or digital camera etc.

The contest begins with the publication of this post and will end on Saturday 3 March at 12 UTC time

...... This time the theme of the contest is: LANDSCAPE AT SUNSET .....

Photos can include people, but these should not be the subject of the photo, but be an element of the landscape.


-To participate -> RESTEEM THIS POST and SHARE YOUR SHOT with the tag #MYLANDSCAPE (post in your blog, not in the comments), otherwise you will not be considered
-Each participant can post ONLY ONE SHOT


The WINNERS will be announced with a post and rewarded within 2 days after the conclusion of the competition

1st Place = 2 SBD

2nd Place = 1 SBD

3rd Place = 0.5 SBD

Every picture must be your own and that will be checked.
Every entry will be reverse-searched and automatically disqualified when other peoples content was found.
Stolen content will be immediately reported to @steemcleaners.

#follow and #upvote for support me!

Good luck!!

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Hi @alequandro just messaging to let you know that i've posted a profile for this new contest in my Contests of Steemit post.

Best wishes


Wow thank you! Now I upvote and follow you!!
Have a nice day!! :)

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Thank you for participating in the contest!
I wish you good luck!


Thnk u

Thank you - tbis aill be a beautiful contest!


Thank you!! I wait your photo! ;)

what a great idea of contest .. carry on


Thank you!! Come on, share your photo!! :)

Thanks for your contest! I will take part in :D


Good luck!!

Hi, here is my link. I hope you get more exposure. It's a cool contest.



Thank you! I wish you good luck!

Greetings @alequandro! Where does the photo need to be shared; here or in the post on our blog?


You must share the photo in your blog with the tag #mylandscape
Good luck! :)

I forgot to mention, you can also use our #newbiegames tag. We have a following on there too. I’m from the #newbieresteemday initiative. All volunteers helping out the newbies. Try it out next time and maybe you can get a bigger audience.


Thank you! The next contest I will definitely use the tag you suggested!


Thank you for participating

Awesome idea, count me in.


Thank you! Good luck! ;)

Oh no.... I'm late. When is 2nd contest? Haha... I'm interest to join... Cheers. Followed done.


What a great idea idea for a contest... @alequandro, im in too!


This is my entry to your contest.

Please upvote my entry if you liked it.


Thanks for creating the contest - @alequandro


The Landscape at sunset contest is over. The new contest has already started with the theme "Landscape with Animals". I invite you to read the rules at this link:


thanks for your contest!


Thanks, but for the moment I suspended the competition due to some competitors who used photos not their own.
Perhaps later I will resume the contest, but for now I'm not going to do it.
I have other ideas to develop ...

Thanks for the comment and for the support!


yep, I will join your contest if it opens again! tks