Living Life as a Freshman (Vol.4)

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then these guys came in without asking a question.. the only thing they said was '' everybody head on your desk'' .. I didn't know what that meant so i looked at everyone and they all rested they heads on the desk so I simply followed and did the same.. everywhere was very quiet now... The next thing I heard... To my amazement was a deep hard sound...
‎i was shaking...............................................


Lo and behold, I heard a very loud sound.. and I thought to myself , ''my God, what's that?? Was that someone's back sounding so hard?? What else could that be,? Are they......'' with all these going on in my head, I couldn't still conclude and I thought to myself '' it couldn't be anything else than purnishment so I can as well just prepare myself''. So I kept myself strong and waiting for whatever that was to get to my turn. And then the moment I've been waiting for finally came and I received a hard hit or rather I should call it a Bang on ma back... Very strong. Very hard.... Very heavy.... I exclaimed silently... You couldn't dare raise your Head, if you did and they saw you... You're so dead. So I kept my peace and I was thinking atleast my turn is past so.. what else could go wrong.. and that was how everyday we'll get called up there.. to their classrooms and undergo purnishment as usual of different sorts.. like giving you 50naira to go get them stuffs that's way over 50naira and you have to get it or else you're done for . So it went on till they finished up and left the school.

The next in line seniors took over. Then there was sometimes where these other new seniors would want to do the same but they didn't know this time around we was wise. We always made sure not to go against them or be found guilty of purnishment so they always wanted to just purnish us for no reason but we wouldn't let them. They tell us to do something we say no! Because we knew our rights so you couldn't just tell us do this and we'll do for no just cause. It went on and on till we all became close because of football. The love of the game grew so strong that my class jss2 then became cool friends with the seniors.


Then right at the nick of time... You know when you get so popular in school and all.. you'll surely draw attention.. love came by... Although it wasn't really strong because I got to know she was just joking around with me as at then... Everybody gets to be with the famous kid and all... you know how this high school love can be. Just a tingling feeling of bliss each time you see her smile at you. That crazy stuff.. lol smh.. well.. I don't want to talk about this too much .. so I guess I'll just move to the main stuff..
The real sincere love came and swept me off my feet. I was blown away right from the first day I saw this girl.. this was my jss3 now.. it was during the holidays and it was lesson time but I didn't attend but I thought to see my guys one day because they been telling me about this girl ever since... That' she's a new girl and she's in our class.. and men she fine too.. and I was like... Okay enough.. how about I come check her out one day.


Then I came by one day. Such beauty of that age I've never seen in my life... Never in my life. I was already lost just staring at her. '' Could this be real love'' I thought to myself... Then I knew I had to shake it off... But I couldn't. I was lost.. I was star 🌟 struck...I thought to say hi but I couldn't.. nothing came out. But then... You know how we guys are.. I thought to show myself even if i knew she wasn't gonna say hi to me first... I wasn't about to do the same for her so.. what the heck.. I was talking to my guys.. laughing all hard and loud. Talking about stuffs that's not really relevant just to draw attention... I knew there was nothing I could do today than that.. atleast I know for sure after today... She wouldn't forget my face so easily so when I resumed school.. it would be very easy to talk to her since we're classmates already....
‎Then that day passed.. I couldn't stop thinking about her.. plus I couldn't wait for the new session to kick-in either. Wha I'm gonna do now... I waited and waited.. waited... Waited.. till finally it was the first week.. you know normally we wait for the first week to elapse before resuming school because it's always the unserious week where you go to school and play all day but this time around.. I wasn't gonna wait for that now.. I went to school Monday.. she was not there... Tuesday still no luck .... I think she came in on a Wednesday if my memory helps.. I couldn't just start talking to her.. my plans was to use this new medium to get to her now... Football ... But I know the school competitions wasn't gonna start anytime soon so how'll you pull this off this time around Clever''.. I was thinking... ...................................


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